Digital Cameras that are Functionally for this Minimalist Digital Camera

Those who have become accustomed to digital cameras that are functionally supreme may find it inconvenient for this minimalist digital camera, which has had its functions cut down neatly. However, the inconvenience can be said to be the inside out of the freedom that can be expanded in any way. What and how to shoot? It must surely bring us back to the original pleasures of photography.

It is equipped with a full-frame sensor that can fully support full-scale shooting.

The performance of cameras built into smartphones has evolved significantly year by year. It’s not uncommon to be better than a bit of a compact digital camera.

Now that photography with smartphone cameras has become commonplace, many people have never photographed with a “camera” for a long time.

It may be a sign that the act of taking a picture has changed from keeping a certain moment in memory to “recording” instead of a memo. However, once you have this “SIGMA fp” in hand, it will bring out the original pleasure of photography, and even smartphone photography in everyday life will not be enough.

The SIGMA fp just claims to be the world’s smallest and lightest “Pocketable full frame”, and despite having a 35mm full size sensor, it fits comfortably in a woman’s hand and is lightweight. Realize that, and there is no stress to take it anywhere. However, the features of SIGMA fp are not only its small size and light weight.

When choosing a camera, you will often be asked what level you are and what you want to do. However, we must not overlook that this SIGMA fp is a camera designed to be “flat”, which does not limit the shooting categories such as still images / videos, the user’s level, or the orientation.

In other words, it is a camera that has the freedom to expand according to the person who shoots, rather than the person who shoots it. The concept is that it has a small body, but it is expandable enough to support full-scale video production if an attachment is attached.

We do not compromise on functionality just because we expect a wide range of users. It is equipped with a full-frame sensor that can fully support full-scale shooting. In addition, it has a well-balanced design that allows you to intuitively operate from a still image to a moving image with a dedicated switch.

While giving off a strong personality in a minimalist case, only the “fp” logo, which is small on the front, is the only thing that stands out when it stands out. The digital camera designed mainly for those who shoot up to this point has never been there before.