Elite Plans to İncrease the Proportion of Production in

In the first half of the year, Elite turned into a profit due to the fermentation of the housing economy. Looking forward to the second half of the year, Elite pointed out that it is no longer necessary to recognize the economic compensation for sub-employees outside the industry. Demand remains stable, and operations are expected to be better than in the first half of the year. In response to changes in the global situation, it is evaluating increasing the proportion of production and operation of the Thai plant.

In addition to the Shenzhen factory in Guangdong, the elite also established a production base in Thailand in 2018 to diversify the risk of the trade war. The factory currently supplies products from American customers. The elite pointed out that the current production capacity of the Thai factory is still less than 10%, but it is in line with customer needs. It has been evaluated to increase the proportion of production in Thailand.

Elites have taken advantage of the business opportunities of remote work and remote teaching, and the demand for its computer foundry business has grown steadily. Among them, the demand for educational laptops has grown the most. In terms of boards, the elites are mainly Intel (INTC-US) and Huida (NVDA-US) ) And other major OEMs, as the brand launches new motherboards one after another, the elites are expected to simultaneously benefit from the business opportunities of replacement.

The legal person is optimistic that the elite will no longer need to re-recognize subsidiary compensation this year, and the pressure of non-industry losses will be reduced. In addition to the stable profit of the industry, it is expected to maintain profit for 4 consecutive years. The net profit per share reached RMB 6.84 million, and the net profit per share was RMB 0.01. The cumulative net profit for the first July of this year reached approximately RMB 16.84 million, and the net profit per share was RMB 0.03.

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