Elliot Page and Emma Portner Divorce After Three Years

The Umbrella Academy actor Elliot Page and wife Emma Portner have announced their divorce, three years after the yes.
The last two months have been very important months for Elliot Page, a well-known actor recently engaged in the Netflix series The Umbrella Academy, during which very significant changes have occurred, most recently a divorce.

That’s right, the actor, along with his wife Emma Portner, publicly announced the end of their marriage. According to TMZ, the couple, after being married for three years, have already filed the divorce papers. As Entertainment Weekly also reports, Elliot and Emma had already decided to part ways last summer. Now, however, the situation is final.

After long reflections and careful consideration, we made the difficult decision to divorce, following our separation last summer. We have the utmost respect for each other and remain great friends.

With these words Elliot Page and Emma Portner announced their divorce on Tuesday 26 January. Before the wedding, which took place in early January 2018, we do not know exactly how long the two dated. The actor began showing himself on Instagram together with his then-girlfriend in 2017.

In early December, Page announced to the world that she was transgender, a news very well received on social media. There were also many colleagues who expressed their support. At that moment Elliot had already separated from his wife, but she still wanted to publicly express her closeness, also inviting everyone to always support the LGBTQ + community.

In conclusion, remember that we will soon see Elliot Page as Vanya in the third season of The Umbrella Academy. Still, however, we do not know the release date of the new episodes.

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