EU Countries have Tightened their Corona Measures

Germany, Denmark, Ireland – many EU countries have tightened their corona measures. With lockdowns, contact restrictions, strict quarantine rules or additional test obligations. All of this needs to be better coordinated, says EU Council President Charles Michel – and is supported by German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Chancellor for a uniform European approach
“Germany is surrounded by many countries, and we can do whatever we want here: We will not be successful if others do not work on it simultaneously,” said the Chancellor. This calls for a uniform European approach and applies not only to the EU, but also to neighboring countries such as Switzerland, which do not belong to the European Union.

Just yesterday, the Netherlands imposed a flight ban – it applies to Great Britain, South Africa and all of South America. In addition, everyone will have to present a so-called PCR test as well as a rapid test upon arrival and then be in quarantine for ten days, which can be ended with another negative test at the earliest after five days. This is a kind of double door lock, says Prime Minister Mark Rutte.

According to the EU Commission, border controls, such as those required by France, among others, or even border closings are a threat to the European internal market. There must be no blanket travel bans, says Commission Vice President Margaritis Schinas. And: Every restriction must be epidemiologically justified, coordinated and appropriate, and it must not discriminate against anyone.

The discussion about a so-called vaccination certificate is also about impending discrimination. Should there be special rights for those who have been vaccinated, for example when traveling, as proposed by the Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis? The summit will discuss this, but a decision is not to be expected because – as it is said from Germany, among others – there are still too many unanswered questions. For example, whether you can still be contagious despite a vaccination or not.

In addition, the heads of state and government will deal with the sluggish vaccine supply. The reports of bottlenecks are piling up, the first countries like Italy are threatening Pfizer / BioNTtech with a lawsuit. The EU Commission now wants to agree specific delivery plans with the manufacturers and support the corporations in expanding production capacities – after all, 70 percent of adults in the EU should be vaccinated by the summer. Demanding, but feasible, says Commission head Ursula von der Leyen, and points out that more vaccines will soon be available.

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