Far East Airlines will Cease all Flight Operations

Far East Airlines will cease all flight operations from December 13 because of long-term operating losses and difficulty in raising funds. Chen Qimai, deputy president of the Executive Yuan, said today that he had heard a preliminary explanation from the Ministry of Transport that the government would ensure transport capacity, passenger rights and labor rights.

Chen Qimai attended the “2019 Executive Yuan Outstanding Scientific and Technological Contribution Award” in the afternoon. During the interview before the meeting, he stated that the Ministry of Transport and the Civil Aviation Administration have grasp of the operation status of the voyage. The Executive Yuan has already heard preliminary instructions from the Ministry of Transport, including contingency plans, passengers Relevant ministries have activated the contingency mechanism for rights and capacity.

Chen Qimai said that the Executive Yuan will give policy instructions to relevant ministries as soon as possible, to ensure that transport capacity, passenger rights and labor rights will be best protected; Su Zhenchang, president of the Executive Yuan, and he always contact the Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of Labor Relevant departments will keep in touch.

In addition, President Tsai Ing-wen-day came to the establishment of a digital development ministry. Chen Qimai said that Taiwan’s digital transformation will have a lot of cross-cutting work, involving coordination between ministries and conferences and the integration of policy tools. Digital transformation has increased its strength.

Chen Qimai said that starting next year, all efforts will be made to make organizational adjustments to enhance digital competitiveness; the organizational department will overlap functions or need to be coordinated, and will be fully handled after the election next year.

In addition, the media asked that the KMT presidential candidate, Korean Yu, welcomed the participation of the parade in Korea at home and abroad, but did not want people from other counties and cities to participate in the strike.

Chen Qimai responded that assembly and procession are rights guaranteed by the Constitution, and the people have the right to be removed from elections. This is an expression of people’s power. It is good to look at it with care. Regardless of color or political position, you are welcome to visit Kaohsiung and take a walk. Normal thing. Last year’s Kaohsiung mayoral election, there were also many foreign tourists. No matter who they supported, they didn’t have to be like enemies. It seems that those who support Korea can come, and those who don’t. The plural opinions of a democratic society should be respected.