Fashion Designer Dilara Fındıkoğlu Collaborates with Major New Museum in Turkey

Inspired by the matriarchal nature of ancient Anatolian society, her outfits are highly symbolic, incorporating female motifs including the earth and crescent, and Turkish references ranging from the Medusa of the Cistern Basilica in Istanbul, to the red star and moon of the Turkish flag.

The militaristic shapes of the collection hark back to the real-life heroines of Turkey’s War of Independence, where women fought alongside men in military roles, interwoven with mythological references which convey Dilara’s feminist agenda. From Cybele to the Medusa, the mutilation and monsterization of these figures symbolises the silencing and oppression of women which is present to this day.

The materials for the collection were sourced solely from Turkey, in a break from Dilara’s characteristic intermingling of European and Turkish elements, and the pieces were fabricated in different ateliers in Istanbul.

Dilara Fındıkoğlu said: ​“With the attires I design, I try to depict both Turkey and the future I dream of. I feel extremely enthusiastic about this museum created by the energy here, which I believe will resound abroad as well. OMM will be a place where talented artists can share their work with the world without having to find representation overseas. In that sense, OMM will not only provide
a good opportunity for these young artists but also contribute to a shift in the world’s perception of Turkey.”
Idil Tabanca, Chairperson and Creative Director of OMM, said: “​I want every aspect of the museum to be an artwork in its own right, and Dilara is an exceptional rising talent who is making waves internationally.

Everything in OMM is a work of art and a collaboration between different disciplines, from the Kengo Kuma-designed building to the virtual reality exhibition by British art collective Marshmallow Laser Feast. The Dilara collaboration was also a way of challenging attitudes in Turkey, where our homegrown talent isn’t always appreciated; I want to value artists and designers from our communities that are doing really well outside of the country.”

The costumes were shot in Eskisehir by acclaimed Turkish photographer Olgaç Bozalp with styling by Gary David Moore, and are currently on display at the museum.

Dilara x OMM merchandise will be available for visitors to buy in the OMM shop, which will stock limited-edition ranges of fashion and design objects.

Dilara Fındıkoğlu Dilara Fındıkoğlu is a contemporary womenswear designer in London showing seasonal collections during London Fashion Week. She is an influential voice in steering together subcultural elements and infusing these with important and timely social commentary on feminism, religion, and politics. Her instantly recognisable and completely unique perspective on luxury fashion had made her one of the most talked about creatives of today. Her unapologetically iconoclastic viewpoint is informed by Istanbul-born Findikoglu’s upbringing blending artisan traditions and techniques with punk mentality executed with the highest attention to quality.