Feel the Peel the Juice Bar that Also Makes 3D Printing of Cups

This other way of conceiving the alternative to plastic which participates in the concept of circular economy, is the fruit of the imagination of an Italian designer. His machine, “Feel the peel“, is a citrus press that 3D prints cups with the peel of the orange. The recovery of waste in all its nobility!

Imagine an orange juice dispenser that recycles the skins by 3D printing them in the form of cups. Designer Carlo Ratti, in association with Italian energy supplier Eni, has achieved this feat. Presented for the moment in the form of a prototype, called “Feel The Peel“, it does not fail to make each presentation its little effect.

A juicer that really optimizes the fruit
This imposing juice bar, more than 3 meters high, allows you to serve squeezed orange in 3D printed cups with the own skin of the fruit you drink. The best part is that the cups, once used, are obviously themselves recyclable.

“The principle of circularity can be a source of inspiration for the everyday objects of tomorrow. In the next iterations of this type of project, we could add new functions, such as the printing of fabrics for clothing, ”says Carlo Ratti.

If it is for the moment only an experiment, proof has been made that it works.