France: Cafes Restaurants the Solidarity Fund More Easily Accessible in June

 Franch Economy and Finance minister  explained, Monday, May 3, that access or solidarity funds would be facilitated for companies in the catering, culture and events. From the month of June, the condition of loss of turnover will jump.

Affected businesses should appreciate the boost. From June, restaurants, cafes, cultural or event companies that will partially reopen will be eligible for the solidarity fund even if their turnover losses are less than 50%, the minister announced on Monday. of Economy, Bruno Le Maire. “From the beginning of June for hoteliers, for cafes, for restaurants, for the world of culture and shows, for events, you will have access to the solidarity fund whatever your loss of turnover. “, declared Bruno Le Maire on RTL. As a reminder, companies that are not subject to an administrative closure must justify a loss of activity of at least 50% compared to the reference period of 2019.

The minister took the example of “a restaurant owner who reopens but only on the terrace, who will lose 30-40% of his turnover”. “It will be eligible for the solidarity fund with a compensation figure that we will define with the professionals of the hotel, restaurant and cafes this afternoon,” added Mr. Le Maire. “I receive them at 3 pm” and “the event sector tomorrow,” he said.

Help maintained for all in May
“We will keep the entire solidarity fund for the month of May”, and that “even if there are partial reopening from May 19”, also said the minister. He also announced a “meeting clause” with professionals in these sectors at the end of August to take stock of their situation.

In general, the Minister considers that the economy is going “in the right direction because entrepreneurs have taken over the activity, that certain industrial sectors have taken up very well”, such as the construction industry, and ” because the recovery plan is working “, with nearly a third of the 100 billion euros already disbursed, he added.

Bruno Le Maire was also delighted that with an increase in its gross domestic product (GDP) of 0.4%, France has “the highest growth figure of all European countries in the first quarter”. Germany and Spain have thus seen their GDP contract in the last quarter, due to a resurgence of health restrictions more important than in France.