Gazprom Filed Complaints with the Polish Court

The Russian company has appealed the restriction of access to the evidence gathered during the investigation of the alleged concentration of Gazprom and several foreign companies in the implementation of Nord Stream 2.

A week ago Gazprom filed an appeal against the Polish Office for the Protection of Competition and Consumer Rights (UOKiK) over the restriction of the Russian company’s access to evidence collected during the investigation of the alleged concentration of Gazprom and foreign investors in the construction of the Nord Stream gas pipeline -2 “(Nord Stream 2). This is stated in the reporting of the Russian company for the first half of 2020.

“On August 24, 2020, PJSC Gazprom filed appeals to the competent court of Poland against the rulings of the Polish antimonopoly authority <…> to restrict PJSC Gazprom’s access to evidence collected during the investigation into the alleged concentration of PJSC Gazprom and foreign investors during the implementation of the Nord Stream-2 project, the message says.

In May 2019, UOKiK filed charges against Gazprom and five partners in the Nord Stream 2 project – OMV, Wintershall, Shell, Uniper and Engie – of violating Polish antimonopoly laws for financing the construction of the gas pipeline. In November, the regulator fined French Engie PLN 172 million (€ 40.3 million) for failing to provide information regarding the case.

At the beginning of this year, UOKiK turned to Gazprom with a request to provide new information as part of the investigation into Nord Stream 2. In response, the Russian company asked to substantiate such a request. As a result, in early August UOKiK fined Gazprom 213 million zlotys (€ 50 million). The reason for the imposition of such a large fine was Gazprom’s refusal to provide the Polish regulator with the data it requested on the contracts concluded by its subsidiary Nord Stream 2 with European companies that finance the construction of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline. Gazprom said that UOKiK, in the course of the antimonopoly investigation initiated against Nord Stream 2, requested information from Gazprom that was not related to the subject of the investigation. The Russian company announced its intention to appeal the fine.