Germany is Looking for Bricklayers in Spain with Salaries of 2,900 Euros

Germany is looking for bricklayers in Spain with salaries of 2,900 euros per month: how to register for the offer.

The Bavarian employment office is looking for bricklayers and construction laborers for a company in Scheblitz , a small town of 7,000 inhabitants.

Trans-European employment is ringing loud again at a time when the economic crisis caused by COVID-19 is also beginning to give way to the movement of foreign workers.

Germany is one of the most demanding countries for labor to other countries, and there are many offers that it launches internationally in which it offers to teach the language and even free professional training while paying for it.

A few days ago we pointed out a search offer for caregivers of the elderly in German residences with an insured contract until 2026.

Now it is the Bavarian employment office that is looking for masonry and construction laborers for a company in Scheßlitz with immediate effect.

Among the tasks of those admitted are masonry, concrete and reinforced concrete work and formwork.

The main requirements are to have completed a bricklayer training or to have a lot of work experience in this field.

Regarding the language, it is recommended to have a minimum of A1 level German knowledge, although it is noted that it is not mandatory, and that the option of financing a German course will be offered.

The incorporation would be immediate or as soon as possible.

Salaries of 2,600 euros per month
In exchange, the Bavarian service offers a salary of 2,600 gross euros per month, 30 days of vacation per year, company telephone numbers and possibilities for continuous training.

For newcomers, it also undertakes to support them in finding accommodation and in dealing with the authorities.

How to apply for a job in Germany as a bricklayer
As explained by the SEPE work abroad page, to send the application you must send an email in German or English to referring to the code BY-HWT-791 in the subject of the message ( the job offer number).