Gold Investment with Integrated Gold Money Payment System 2.0

Today’s fraud system, based on lip service from central bankers, is coming to an end due to the loss of purchasing power despite unlimited money supply production. Leading insurance groups such as Zurich and Generali have already sold contracts from the life insurance business, since low interest rates or the default risks of the collateral options bought for this purpose in the form of government bonds represent an invaluable component. Furthermore, more and more governments, which should ensure state stability, are breaking up. Gold is inherently stable, finite, and must be dug out of the ground. Due to the limitation, gold is hardly inflationary, physical gold money is the solution and can stop the loss of purchasing power.

A gold money payment system 2.0 is required so that an anchor can be fixed in the payment system. Countries like China, India, Russia and Iran have already recognized this gold standard and are implementing it. When will this reach western countries? When will the upheaval be demanded by the citizens, also in relation to the high cost of living, which is increasing due to war, inflation, energy crises and broken supply chains.

Energy and nutrition are currently the major issues in politics. The representatives of NATO and the BRICS countries meet to assess the upcoming challenges and to outline possible solutions. There will be a showdown, who is better prepared for the time ahead?

The connection between economic policy and financial policy with a reference to gold could be the decisive trigger. The state must rethink its own responsibility and also its private economic order – back to sovereignty.

MTS Money Transfer System is a tailor-made solution for private individuals and companies. The payment platform was placed in a secure legal framework in which the product is securely embedded. So far, no gold ban has ever been imposed by the government. There is financial privacy, no reports from the licensee are forwarded to a central office. In contrast to third-party banks and their central banks, which are already debiting the balance, the fees are transparently disclosed on the payment platform. Since the user carries out his transactions on his own responsibility, there is no other access to his assets. Protect yourself and your family.

The gold standard must have measurability; a fixed quantity such as an ounce of fine gold is ideal for this. Now it’s high time to wake up and shake off repression mode.

The goldsmith has lost its function over time. MTS Money Transfer System is here for you as a physical gold money payment system 2.0!