Google Updates the Search Engine: Search within Images and Artificial Intelligence

The main innovation soon to be seen in English is an expanded search field that provides answers to search queries related to topics. In addition, the company is expanding its visual search through the Google Lens app.

Google‘s search engine has been with us for 25 years or more, but it’s hard to believe by its simple design. What has changed is the guts that continue to receive updates and innovations that make it up to date in the 21st century as well.
Wednesday, Google introduced a number of innovations and updates that are expected to reach the engine in various stages, as well as the various search applications on smartphones – whether on Android or iPhone.

The main innovation soon to be seen in English is an extended search field called Things to know. It provides answers to search queries related to topics. For example if you search for “acrylic painting”, the search results will include all the contexts in which the subject appears as well as the answers others received to the same string and where it led them. In the context of painting for example it could lead to an art supply store, a museum specializing in the field or all the great painters in history who painted in acrylic paint.

You will also receive answers that will include the accompanying search strings such as “how to draw an acrylic painting with objects I have at home”.

The context is expanded according to the topic and the wider the query, the more Google will provide you with different answer paths that may help refine the appropriate answer. If we continue the search we will get more different directions that we may not have thought of.

This is a useful feature especially if our question is too general, or if the search terms can indicate a number of different contexts like “books” that can be either hair stylists or books that are read in them.

Beyond the traditional browser search, the company is also expanding its visual search through Google Lens. Let’s start with the fact that the image recognition engine gets a number of new features such as: the ability to search for photos or characters within a video or images on the site; Identify text, image or video, shapes or any other information format.

This is a very useful feature for those who are looking for more accurate answers than “Where is the site in the picture”. This way you can search for a shirt and refine it by searching for its specific design or fabric pattern. The answer will include all the shirts with a similar design or any item with a similar pattern.

In addition, iPhone users will soon be able to use Lens on their smartphones. But this is probably Google’s opposite to the visual search feature that Apple introduced in iOS 15 and which combines a lot of features that exist in the Lens version for Android – a way to keep one step ahead of the competition at least in the area where Google is most powerful. Some of these features will be launched in the near future, but the majority are only in English and a minority in a number of other languages ​​as well.