Honda Jazz Completely Redesigned

New Jazz follows the Japanese design philosophy “Yoo No Bi” – highlighting the beauty of everyday objects. The hybrid will be launched in 2020.

When Honda‘s engineers developed the latest generation Jazz, they recreated the model from scratch, Honda writes in a press release.

The car now has slightly slimmer lines – and thinner A-pillars provide better visibility obliquely for the driver. A rear spoiler reveals the car’s very reasonable appearance.

The dashboard has changed its appearance – constantly in line with the “Yoo No Bi” philosophy. The instruments are assembled in a 7-inch TFT display. The infotainment system touch screen is 9 inches.

Magic Seats is the specialty Honda continues in its latest generation of Jazz. The seats can be folded in smart ways – for example, so you can place tall and relatively wide objects between the front seat and the back seat.

Wind noise has been reduced due to narrower A-pillars and redesigned exterior mirrors.

The next generation of hybrid Jazz will be available in Europe by 2020. Honda Motor Co. aims to electrify all its European car models by 2022.

The new jazz for Europe features a hybrid powertrain. It is the first jazz version to use Honda’s new generation 2-motor hybrid powertrain technology. The new Honda’s flagship B-segment hatchback offers class-leading comfort and space.

We reviewed the packaging and pursued a high level of space. Specifically, the hybrid drivetrain components were laid out efficiently in the chassis and engine compartment. The result is a class-leading interior space.

The new jazz will be the first model in Honda’s European lineup to introduce a newly developed “e: HEV” powertrain. e: HEV is a new name for the two-motor hybrid system of Honda’s core electrification technology, and is a new generation of hybrids mainly for motor driving. The new jazz is said to be the pioneer of Honda e: TECHNOLOGY, which will be used in all future electric powertrain vehicles of Honda.
Honda Jazz (equivalent to fit) New model (European specification)
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For the first time in Europe, the new model has a lineup of vehicles equipped with a two-motor hybrid powertrain. This system has been newly developed for the new jazz and is smooth and responsive, enabling a direct driving feeling. According to Honda, it combines powerful and comfortable driving performance with excellent fuel efficiency at a high level, and runs most of the everyday scenes smoothly with a motor like an EV.

The hybrid system consists of a 1.5-liter inline 4-cylinder DOHC “i-VTEC” gasoline engine, two compact and powerful electric motors, a lithium-ion battery, an intelligent power control unit, and a fixed gear transmission. Everything works in harmony and works smoothly.

Fuel consumption is 22.2km / liter
Demonstrates 109ps of power throughout the system. Power performance is 0 to 100km / h, acceleration is 9.4 seconds, and maximum speed is 175km / h. It pursues comfortable driving performance not only in urban areas but also in cruising on expressways. Regarding environmental performance, it has been announced that combined mode fuel economy is 22.2 km / liter and CO2 emission is 102 g / km (both measured by WLTP).

The new jazz e: HEV has three driving modes. In “EV drive” mode, a lithium-ion battery provides power directly to the motor. In the “hybrid drive” mode, the engine supplies power to the motor, and the power obtained from the power generation motor is supplied to the drive motor. In “engine drive” mode, the gasoline engine is connected directly to the wheels via a lock-up clutch.
Honda Jazz (equivalent to fit) New model (European specification)

In most urban driving situations, seamless switching between EV drive and hybrid drive seeks for optimal efficiency. When driving on a highway, an engine drive is used, and “boost power” from the motor is added during acceleration.

With a hybrid drive, it is also possible to use the surplus power from the gasoline engine to turn the generator motor and charge the battery. The EV drive operates even when decelerating, recovering energy from regenerative braking and charging the battery.

Switching between the three driving modes is so smooth that the driver does not notice. The motor was developed by Honda to be lightweight, compact, efficient and high power. The motor spins at up to 13,300 rpm and draws up to 25.8 kgm of torque.
Honda Jazz (equivalent to fit) New model (European specification)

The design of the new jazz is an evolution of the monospace silhouette that can be recognized as jazz at a glance. A seamless and clean design language common to future Honda cars was first introduced in the new EV “Honda e”.

The interior of the new jazz features quality and comfort as themes. According to Honda, the all-new interior seeks the highest level of comfort and space in the B segment. The modern interior layout features clean, easy-to-use instrument panels. The wide center console is equipped with armrests, and features the features of high-end segment vehicles.

The front seats will use a new generation of body stabilizing seats that have been newly developed in anticipation of mounting on high-end sedans. By adopting a surface support structure that firmly holds the body, the seat structure is designed to be soft and comfortable even when driving for a long time.

The rear seats have the same seat arrangement as the predecessor model, and have wide and thick pads that allow adults to sit without stress. This pursues a comfortable sitting comfort comparable to that of a senior sedan.

To maximize cabin room, a fuel tank is located in the center of the chassis below the front seats, which is rare in this class. This enables a “magic seat” that can flexibly arrange the rear seats according to the amount of luggage loaded. Luggage capacity is 298 liters. If you defeat the rear seat, it will expand to a maximum of 1203 liters.

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New Jazz follows the Japanese design philosophy "Yoo No Bi" - highlighting the beauty of everyday objects. The hybrid will be launched in 2020.

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