Huawei responds to “Cross-Border Pig Raising”

In response to the widespread rumors of Huawei’s “cross-border pig raising“, Duan Aiguo, President of Huawei Machine Vision, responded on Thursday (4th) “Huawei does not raise pigs, but empowers companies to raise good pigs” and revealed at the same time Large-scale pig companies have come to Huawei, hoping to empower the pig industry through Huawei’s AI technology.

According to Chinese media reports, Duan Aiguo broke the news on the Internet in February this year, saying that Huawei is going to enter “smart pig raising” and provide digital, intelligent and unmanned AI breeding technology. The revelation triggered outside public opinion, linking this matter with NetEase’s pig raising, and speculating that Huawei will follow the same path.

It is reported that NetEase is a Chinese Internet technology company. The founder Ding Lei announced his entry into the pig industry in 2009, which caused an uproar. But to this day, Ding Lei has become a “big pig farmer” and has established a position in the pig industry in China.

In this regard, Duan Aiguo pointed out in an interview with Jiemian News on the 4th that Huawei does not raise pigs, but instead empowers companies to raise pigs, hoping to solve the problems encountered in the traditional breeding industry through AI technology. Duan Aiguo also revealed: “There are also large pig raising companies who have come to us on the initiative, hoping to use technology to empower the pig industry.”