Intel Prepares for War With Apple And ARM

After several years focused on secondary businesses such as 5G networks, autonomous vehicles or wearable electronics, Intel seems determined to take a 180-degree turn and stand up to the advance of ARM and Apple in their favorite field, the processor market.

In a virtual event the new CEO of the company, Pat Gelsinger, has outlined this new strategy that includes breaking with two great taboos that until now have governed the direction of the company.

The first is that Intel seems open for the first time to manufacture processors of other companies in its factories, until now these plants only manufactured processors designed by Intel itself.

These processors dominate the traditional computing market but are not present in mobiles, which use chips based on a different ARM architecture and which are manufactured by other companies such as Samsung or the Taiwanese TSMC.

The news has been surprising because it comes just in a week in which Intel has launched an advertising campaign mocking Apple computers, which since last year have begun a transition to processors also based on ARM.

Early computers with these new chips have received rave reviews for their power and low power consumption, and that seems to have struck a chord at Intel.

The company will invest 20,000 million dollars in opening new production plants and expanding existing ones to meet the demand, they will be factories, also located in the United States, a decision that has a calculated geopolitical benefit

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