iOS 14.5 Beta Version of Siri Supports Third-Party Music Programs Twitter Plans to Launch A Paid Subscription System

iOS 14.5 beta version of Siri supports third-party music programs Twitter plans to launch a paid subscription system this year.

Apple released the latest iOS 14.5 beta, allowing users to play third-party music programs through Siri. In the past, when users used Siri to play music, they could only use Apple’s preset Apple Music service. According to the latest report, Siri will be able to support third-party music streaming services such as KKBOX, Spotify, and YouTube Music after users turn on the settings in the iOS 14.5 beta.

iOS 14.5 beta hidden function  users can play KKBox, Spotify music programs through Siri.

In recent years, many videos or music programs have launched paid subscription services. Earlier reports pointed out that Twitter intends to change the existing business operation model and plans to launch a paid subscription membership system. Twitter product revenue director Bruce Falck said that he will try to increase business revenue diversification this year, including the launch of subscription services, allowing paid members to enjoy exclusive features, thereby increasing company revenue. But he also pointed out that it is only in the early planning stage and will not directly bring considerable benefits to the company in the short term.

It is rumored that Twitter will launch a paid subscription system within this year to reduce reliance on advertising revenue