“Japan Stocks” SoftBank Group Soaring Daily Limit

The Japanese yen, the Nikkei 225 index was issued on the red plate on the 23rd. Although the spread of Wuhan pneumonia epidemic, U.S. stocks fell on Friday (20th), and the possibility of postponement of the Tokyo Olympics rose, dragging the Nikkei The ministry turned black, but because the Bank of Japan in the previous trading day (March 19, Japan Stock Market closed on March 20) the acquisition of ETFs hit a record high, the market expects Bank of Japan will also enter the market on the 23rd ETF, coupled with the heavyweight SoftBank Group (SBG) ‘s soaring daily limit, inspired the Nikkei to become popular and once rose by nearly 500 points to regain the 17,000 point mark. It rose 2.02% or 334.95 points to close at 16,887.78 points in the final game. , Ended the decline for 2 consecutive trading days.

The TOPIX index (TOPIX) rose 0.68% or 8.79 points to close at 1,292.01 points, rising for the fourth consecutive trading day. The number of companies in the TOPIX I increased by 1,613, decreased by 526, and remained unchanged at 26. The turnover of the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange today was 41.52 billion yen, the 35th consecutive trading day that was higher than the 2 trillion yen mark showing the active boundary of buying.

In terms of performance of the stocks, 26 of the 33 stocks of the TOP One Group rose, of which non-ferrous metal stocks rose the most, followed by insurance, storage and transportation related industries, and pharmaceutical products.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) announced on the evening of the 22nd (in the early morning of the 23rd Japanese time) that due to the rapid expansion of the pneumonia epidemic in Wuhan, it will evaluate various options including the postponement of the Tokyo Olympics and will reach a conclusion within 4 weeks.

The Bank of Japan announced on March 19 that the amount of ETFs acquired by Bank of Japan on March 19 reached 201.6 billion yen, an increase of approximately 70% from the previous 121.6 billion yen. The single-day purchase amount exceeded 200 billion yen for the first time, creating a history. New high record.

According to the MoneyDJ XQ global winner system quotation, the US dollar appreciated against the Japanese yen on Friday (20th) (that is, the yen depreciated) by 0.71% to 111.29. ; As of the close of the Japanese stock market on the 23rd (14:00 Taipei time), the dollar was 109.9 against the yen.

Softbank Group (Sosftbank Group) soared 18.61% on the daily limit. SoftBank Group announced on the 23rd that it will sell a maximum of 4.5 trillion yen of assets, including a maximum of 2 trillion yen to acquire treasury shares, and the remaining funds will be used for debt reduction and other purposes.

Japanese media Kabutan pointed out that the SoftBank Group ’s gain today brought 108.07 points to the Nikkei 225 Index, and its contribution was the highest among the constituents of the Nikkei Index, which is equivalent to nearly 30% of the Nikkei Index ’s gain today.

Panasonic surged 2.94%. Due to the spread of the pneumonia epidemic in Wuhan and in order to ensure the health of factory employees, it is reported that Panasonic’s Tesla EV battery factory in the United States will be shut down for two weeks (14 days) from March 23.

Nissan Motors plunged 6.38%. The pneumonia epidemic in Wuhan has hit, and Nissan’s Spanish plant will temporarily lay off 3,000 employees.

Hon Hai’s reinvested sharp plunged 3.28% to close at 943 yen, a record low of about 3 years and 7 months (since August 10, 2016).

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