Kia’s K5 Full Change Design Features

Kia Motors’ 3rd Generation K5 Full Change (Top), 2nd Generation ‘K5’


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The Kia Motors’ 3rd generation K5 full changeover (top) and 2nd generation ‘K5’ side parts are impressive. Although the front and rear designs are much more varied and can catch the eye, it is rather impressive that the design features from the first-generation K5 continue to develop in the side.

The third-generation K5, on the other hand, has a dynamic body proportion and silhouette, which can be nicknamed the Baby Stinger thanks to its shorter front overhang, longer wheelbase, lowered height and fastback-style roofline.

This is largely due to the same third-generation platform as the new Sonata. The platform determines the key elements of the vehicle, from suspension and powertrain layouts to weight distribution and center of gravity, making it the most important part in enhancing product competitiveness such as driving performance, fuel economy, ride comfort, safety, interior space and design.

The new 3rd generation platform is characterized by a lower weight and overall sporting design, ultra-high strength steel and hot stamping method, multi-skeleton engine room, light weight and crash safety. It also reduces front overhang and engine room size.

Kia’s ‘3rd generation K5 full change’, the new K5 has a much lower and more stable posture, despite being a popular mid-size family sedan.

The bonnet is also very steep, wedge-shaped, the wheelbase is longer than before, and the roofline is pushed back as far as possible. Most of all, the extremely short trunk lid is impressive.

In particular, the window chrome molding, which can be seen as a unique design feature of the K5, has been changed to a thicker thickness than the conventional C-pillar. The chrome molding also extends to the trunk lid and wraps around the bottom of the rear glass in a wrap-around design that boasts a futuristic forward-back image.

The body emphasizes volume as a whole, and the sharp character line across the middle of the door is neat. In addition, the side mirror is applied to the flag type, and the wheel design also looks like a five-spoke, and the two-tone process makes the sporty and luxurious at the same time.

Kia Motors’ 3rd generation K5 full changeover (top) and 2nd generation ‘K5’ (lower) rear parts have also changed considerably, and the original and stable design has been completed by emphasizing the connection with the front part.

First of all, the tail lamp is a tail lamp, which is different from previous K5’s, and the connected tail lamp is applied to the left and right to form a rear wing shape, and the horizontal line is emphasized to give the vehicle a wider and more stable feel.

In particular, when the taillights are lit, the heartbeat-inspired cutout lighting, like the daytime running lights on the front, is impressive, similar to the K7 Premier, but with the ‘V’ shaped at both ends, further emphasizing the characteristics of the third generation K5. Put differentiation.

The trunk lid is impressively shortened through black two-tone processing, and the chrome moldings started from the A-pillar wrap around the rear glass, as seen in the side section, to create a unique and futuristic look.

In addition, new curves on the top of the rear glass add detail and freshness, while auxiliary braking lights have been applied to the top of the rear glass.

Changes in the design of the rear bumpers are reminiscent of sports sedans, not midsize sedans.

In particular, the air curtains applied at both ends of the bumper reveal the characteristics of the third-generation K5, which is as dynamic as Mercedes-Benz’s AMG line. However, it is applied as a design element rather than being actually drilled.

In addition, the aggressive shape diffuser and the square dual muffler chrome garnish add a sense of luxury and dynamism. However, like the K7 Premier and Mojave the Master, not a dual muffler, but a hidden type single muffler is actually applied at the bottom right.

High-tech, futuristic image and driver through a three-dimensional display that connects from the dashboard to the door and opens up a wide interior space through open horizontal garnish across the inside of the vehicle and seamlessly connects to the cluster of openness and AVN (Audio, Video, Navigation). Wrapped asymmetrical driver layout.

The powertrain of the new K5 will have two smartstream engines, the same gasoline 2.0 and LPI 2.0 as the new Sonata, and various engine lineups such as the gasoline 1.6L turbo and hybrid.

The new K5 will compete with Hyundai’s new Sonata, Renault Samsung SM6, Chevrolet Malibu and the domestic mid-size sedan market.

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Kia Motors' 3rd Generation K5 Full Change (Top), 2nd Generation 'K5'

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