Kylie Jenner Celebrated the Birthday of his Three-Year-Old Daughter Stormi

Kylie Jenna and rap singer Travis Scott’s daughter Stomiy celebrated their 3rd birthday on the 1st of this month. Kelly has always loved her daughter very much. Not only does she hold a grand party for her daughter’s birthday every time, she also created her own “amusement park” in her courtyard the previous time.

She was also “not soft” this year. First, she hung up a big balloon for her daughter’s birthday party at the door of her mansion. Through the photos she shared with her family on instgram, she could also see that she built a seat for Stomiy at home. “Castle” and made themed T-Shirt for each guest, plus the multi-layer cakes, candy stalls, and food trucks that are indispensable for each party…Although it has been “converged” compared to the previous two times, the level of extravagance still makes People surprised.

Kylie Jenner built a pink castle at his home to celebrate her daughter Stormi’s birthday.

Stormi-shaped slide and customized T-Shirt.

In line with the theme of “Princess Party”, Kelly also put on a pink “princess outfit” for Stomi. This one-piece dress is layered with pink hard yarn, and she also wears a small princess crown. Kelly, who often attracts discussions on social platforms with her hot dress, kept her low-key a lot for her daughter this day; she wore a weighty down jacket with a long braid decorated with pearls. sense.

Kylie Jenner dressed Stormi as a little princess, but she was dressed quite casually.

Although Kylie Jenna has “trying to constrain”, her Los Angeles area is currently being affected by the new crown pneumonia (COVID-19) epidemic, implementing social bans and restricting all public and private gatherings. She ignoring the regulations to hold parties once again caused a flurry of online But many netizens cast envious eyes on this party, saying “I want a birthday party like this too”, “I want to be invited”, “I feel envious every time I see it.” .