LG’s new Coating Folds Screens “Hard as Glass” But Completely Flexible

LG’s new LG Coating for Folding Screens “Hard as Glass” but completely flexible LG’s new coating for folding screens is “hard as glass” but completely flexible.

Although LG decided earlier this year not to produce more smartphones itself, this does not mean that the Korean company is not interested in competing in the component market for the cellular industry. Its latest announcement in this regard is particularly intriguing: LG claims that it has succeeded in developing a plastic coating designed for flexible OLED screens, and will allow an amazing leap in their quality.

According to LG, the coating developed by the company is made of plastic, but is as hard as glass and thus ideally protects the screen from scratches and bruises. However, it is also very flexible, to such an extent that no “folding stripes” will be formed around the axis through which the screen folds as can be seen in most models on the market today. The technology even supports folding in both directions, and can suit a very wide range of uses: not only cell phones, but also laptops, tablets and even folding TVs.

Finally, and perhaps the most surprising claim of all, LG believes that it can produce the new coating at “competitive” prices, meaning that it is not necessarily more expensive than the solutions available on the market today. The start date of production, however, is set for 2023, so the expected is not yet ready for folding devices that will be released during the coming year.

LG is of course not alone in the race to develop technologies that will allow an easy transition of most of the industry to folding screens. Samsung is of course making impressive progress from model to model, having previously stated that it itself is developing a similar plastic coating. Corning, which is responsible for the Gorilla Glass brand, is also working on its own solution.