Messi Continues Until 2022 at Barcelona

Emili Rousaud, former deputy of the Catalan club, said in an interview with Argentine radio that a star should remain at Barcelona if there is a career plan.

The directive changes at Barcelona could also modify Messi‘s plans to leave the club next year.

The former vice-president of Barcelona, ​​Emili Rousaud, reiterated this desire of the player and, even outside the club since February, believes that, until the 2022 World Cup, Messi will be able to continue in Barcelona, ​​if the current board, after the departure of Josep Maria Bartomeu, who resigned as president of the club, redid the planning, respecting some more needs of the ace.

With a new board and with a sporting project to suit you and with a competitive squad, I have no doubt that Messi would remain, but Messi continues with his mind on ending his career at Newell´s after the next World Cup. For this reason, there is no need to plan for only one season, but for the next two years “, he highlighted for the Argentine program Super Deportivo Radio.

This familiar attachment to the team in his hometown is something that moves the player. He has repeated that he dreams of one day playing for the Argentine team. Barcelona would be like high school for a student, who, however, has a bond with the Kindergarten, symbolized, for Messi, at Newell´s Old Boys.

Rousaud resigned last February, along with five other board members, accusing the club’s directors of corruption, after the “BarcaGate” scandal, in which Bartomeu was accused of hiring a well-known company of influential figures in Barcelona, ​​for his marketing. folks. “Corruption is evident,” said Rousaud at the time.

Messi‘s recent complaints, therefore, may not only be linked to sporting issues, they probably have much deeper causes and are rooted behind the scenes of club politics.

Bartomeu’s departure was only a consequence of something that originated well before Messi‘s decision to leave the club, reevaluated after management insisted on the fulfillment of a contractual clause. Apparently, Bartomeu sought to divert all the errors of his administration to Messi.


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