Microsoft Now Allows You to do Everything Without Passwords

Microsoft is now taking the first major step in the field and eliminating the need for passwords for its hundreds of millions of users.

Microsoft has introduced in recent days the ability to switch to using a Microsoft account, and you all have one if you own a PC with Windows running on it, without using a password. The transition to a password-free future is made possible by the ability to interface your account with the Microsoft Authenticator app, which will save you repeated typing of passwords.

When you switch to an account without passwords, whenever you want to make a change to the account or log in to your Microsoft account, you will receive a mobile alert that allows you to confirm or reject the action taken on the account. Of course if you are the ones doing the same actions, you will click for a quick confirmation and move on to the next thing. And if it’s not you – you can block the action.

The new detection option joins several existing methods offered by the company for life without passwords such as Windows Hello system (which allows the use of face recognition, fingerprint or PIN arch), with a Security Key (by USB-like physical security device) or by receiving an SMS or email with a confirmation code Your actions.

Microsoft has been working for a while on the transition to a password-free future, and according to a senior company official, we can thank Corona for speeding up this transition. Last March it started enabling the use of an account without passwords for its corporate users, and now the change is also reaching the accounts of private users.

To make the change, all you have to do is download the Microsoft Authenticator app (Google Play or Appstore) and connect to it with your Microsoft account. Then log in to your Microsoft account, select Advanced Security Option and then Enable Passwordless Accounts. From there your path is paved for receiving messages directly to your mobile to confirm changes, without re-entering passwords non-stop – without having to think about new passwords and changing them frequently, or relying on a password manager to remember your unique password for that specific account.

The competitors are close
While Microsoft is the first to offer broad access to a password-free future, it is not the only one. Google allows its users in Chrome to connect to a multitude of services without the use of a password by connecting with the help of a fingerprint, face recognition or security keys like Ubiki. Apple also plans to join the bright future of a password-free world – and is expected to add a feature called Passkeys in iCloud Keychain to iOS devices and Macs that will allow connection by using biometric identifiers like FaceID and TouchID across passwords.