Mini Showcase Futuristic Autonomous Van Made to be Mobile Lving Room

Mini showed its digital concept vehicle, Vision Urbanaut. The futuristic electric and autonomous minivan was designed from the inside out, with an interior that appears to be a mobile and compact living room.

The model has four seats and can be accessed by a sliding door. The front seats are swivel.

The car has special features when parked. The panel lowers, the driver’s seat becomes a comfortable sofa bed and the windshield can also be opened upwards to “create a kind of street balcony”. There is also a “Cozy Corner” that features an elegant rear seat, with a table and a floor plan – making Vision Urbanaut look like a room in a house.

In the central part of the model there is a touch screen, so that the passengers of the vehicle have the environment as a common area.

The interior has three modes, which are Chill, Wanderlust and Vibe. Mini says the Chill mode “invites you to take a breather and take a break in the here and now while the car becomes a kind of retreat, a paradise where you can relax – or work with full concentration – while traveling”.

The Vibe is designed for parties, while the Wanderlust mode is for when the vehicle is being driven. The company also provides other Mini Moments, such as a customizable environment where people can define the desired ambient lighting, music and fragrance choice.

On the outside, the model has hidden headlights (only visible when turned on) and a closed grille due to the fact that it has an electric motor. However, although the model is autonomous, it is possible to have the pleasure of driving as well. With a quick touch on the Mini logo, steering wheel and pedals are activated.

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