Minsa Estimates to Start on May 31 with the Vaccination of People Aged 60 to 64

Peru- Vice Minister Gustavo Rosell reiterated that once the vaccination of people over 65 years of age is completed, the immunization of the population group between 60 and 64 years will immediately begin.

The Deputy Minister of Public Health, Gustavo Rosell, indicated this Tuesday that the Ministry of Health (Minsa) estimates to start the vaccination against COVID-19 on Monday, May 31, for people between 60 and 64 years old. This age group will receive the first dose after immunization to the population over 65 years of age, which begins this Friday, May 21.

When asked if the decision to divide the vaccination process of people between 60 and 69 years old because it could take more time to achieve the majority of immunized people, the official explained that this is not the reason since it is planned that in Nine days it will be possible to advance with the process of applying vaccines for the population over 65 years of age.

“No, necessarily [splitting the vaccination process in two is because it will take longer for the day]. For 65 to 69 years we are waiting nine days. The issue is that every time we go down, the population is greater. Remember that over 70 years it was one million 300 thousand, and now there are 2 million 300 thousand nationwide. While we are going down, the population is increasing ”, he said in an interview with América Noticias.

“The division has purposes. One to sort the lines a little and avoid us going over the age group and not respecting the schedule. That is why we make this cut, but in a time of nine days. After nine days, that is, May 31, we could already be starting with [people from] 60 to 64 [years of age]. This means that the vaccination centers have a greater capacity to be able to adequately serve the population, ”said Rosell.

He added that for this new vaccination day for the age group over 65 years, 13 new vaccination points will be implemented to avoid crowds as has been reported in some districts such as San Juan de Lurigancho, San Martín de Porres, among others.

The official also clarified that in cases where vaccination centers are reported with little demand for people cited when it comes to the application of the second dose, the brigades choose to look for them at their homes to make use of the doses and comply with the programming.

Gustavo Rosell commented that there are also “smaller” regions that have already started vaccinating people over 60, such as Apurímac and Huancavelica. “Each region has its own dynamics,” he said.