Nike GO FlyEase: the New “Hands-Free” Trainers

Nike wants to make our life easier. The equipment manufacturer has just unveiled its new sneakers which are easy to put on, and especially without the hands. The Nike Go FlyEase available from February for select customers.

Once you see the Nike Go FlyEase in action, you won’t be able to forget it. Nike’s first-ever pair of hands-free shoes make it easy to put them on and take them off, and stay ahead of the rest of the world. This innovation is soon available for Nike Members, who will be able to get a preview of a pair.

If you could create a hands-free shoe, how would you go about it?

This simple question served as a starting point for the Nike Go FlyEase design team. Find out how they achieved this goal by creating a shoe that changes daily habits.

“Diving boards” and “crutches”

With the right innovation, the more complicated things become a snap. The Nike Go FlyEase works using a tension band and an axis around which two stable surfaces revolve. When the shoe is in the open position, put it on by pressing the “diving board” to engage the locked position, and … Oh! You can remove it by stepping on the “crutch” at the heel. Ah!

Put it on and take it off easily, from morning to night. The Nike Go FlyEase colourways mimic the soft pastel shades of dawn and the vibrant city colors at nightfall, so you can match it with any look, anytime.

The generalized confinement around the world will have pushed customers to turn to comfortable clothing and shoes. Joggers and sneakers are popular and are now replacing traditional work suits. This new trend will have benefited the Crocs, whose sales exploded in 2020. On the strength of this observation, the equipment supplier Nike has developed shoes of a new kind, able to put on very easily without hands and to retire with the same ease. With a hinge and a rocking sole tip, Nike promises to offer unprecedented comfort. Much like a sandal, the user just has to put their foot inside and they close on their own. On the design side, once the shoe is closed, we find a shape that is ultimately quite simple, but without laces. If the brand had wanted to revolutionize the industry with its self-lacing sneakers in 2019, the BB Adapt, it is abandoning them altogether this time.

From February for some customers
These new sneakers, available in several colors, will be launched on February 15, but for a small handful of customers only. Members of the Nike club will first receive an invitation before the general public can get their hands on it later this year. On the pricing side, Nike doesn’t say much more, but you’ll still have to expect to spend at least a hundred euros. This is usually the price of the brand’s shoes, which is hardly surprising in that regard. It remains to be seen whether the Nike Go FlyEase will find its audience.