Nyvi Estephan’s Playboy is Released Today And has Pictures with Games atmosphere

After her fans mobilized social networks with #nyvinaplayboy, the gamer presenter Nyvi Estephan is the cover of Playboy 492, which is already on newsstands all over Brazil and also available in digital version. The choice of a celebrity from youtuber gamer aims to announce the arrival of the magazine to the digital world with the launch of the vehicle portal, the smartphone application and augmented reality on several pages of the publication.

Photographed in the Circus Hair space by Daniel Aratangy, known for other essays for the magazine, Nyvi comments that readers can expect sensual, chic and artistic work. “My essay begins with some very crude and simple photographs, where what stands out is a natural and at ease nude, exploring scenes from everyday life. But as it could not be otherwise, there are also moments that resemble the universe of games, where the atmosphere is magical, bathed in many lights, colors and fun. This magic is even more evident in the videos that the reader can check in augmented reality directly on the pages of the magazines. I believe it is a unique experience for the public ”, she comments.

Nyvi says that her passion for the gaming world has been with her since childhood. “I was always terrible at sports and I only had an advantage when we played Super Nintendo. I loved spending afternoons looking for secret passages at Donkey Kong or breaking records at Mario Kart, ”she says.

Today, at 25, and graduated in Fashion Design, Nyvi has presented programs related to the segment since 2013 and has become one of the most admired personalities in the sector. She says it all started when Philipp Kerber, the founder of Gamewise and director of Agência X5, where she works today, invited her to participate in a project in the gaming universe.

Despite making appearances on television and in theater when she was younger, it was during Kerber’s project that Nyvi began to develop talent and resourcefulness on camera and the career in the segment began.

“I already attended events of Japanese pop culture, geek and anime, and also did cosplays. I played a lot when I was younger, Counter-Strike was the fever in my teens, but I stopped because of college and work. When Philipp told me about the project, the idea was to record the game shows in his own living room, and even though I had another career, I didn’t think twice. Who has never dreamed of earning a living from one of their favorite teenage hobbies? ”, She adds.