Queen Elizabeth Ends her Summer Vacation without going to Buckingham and without the Company of her Husband Philip

 Queen Elizabeth has just put an end to her summer retreat in Sandringham to resume her official activity, is not spared. Although the monarch has not gone to Buckingham to attend to her obligations in London as has been customary since she was crowned in 1953, but to Windsor Castle, where she will remain until the coronavirus crisis allows her to return to her usual residence without her life is in danger.

This has just been announced by the British Royal House in a statement in which it is also explained that the queen has left alone. Philip, duke of Edinburgh,  has stayed in Sandringham since his health does not advise so much unnecessary transfer.

Before the pandemic broke out, The Times revealed that the queen and her husbant Philip were already spending much of the week apart. While she stayed at Buckingham, he stayed at Wood Farm in Sandringham. Although they saw each other often on weekends.

Just before the lockdown, they both moved to Windsor together. And there they remained there during the quarantine with a small number of employees, carrying out their commitments online and by phone, including the queen’s weekly meetings with the first Minister.

In August, the couple first moved to Balmoral, Scotland, as is tradition. A month later, in early September, they went to Sandringham, where they continued to be cared for by the small group of employees. The same ones who have now followed the monarch to Windsor to make sure that nothing is missing during this expected long stay.

Of course, the palace confirms that the queen will go from time to time to London to attend “selected audiences and engagements”, as she did last July to witness the secret wedding of her granddaughter Beatriz de York with Edoardo Mapelli.