Raw Material Prices Continued to be at a Low

Under the US-China trade frictions, the global economic performance was flat, international raw material prices continued to be at a low level, and the demand for traditional industries was cooling. In the fourth quarter of 108, the manufacturing output value was 336 billion yuan, a quarterly decrease. 6.60%, negative growth for the fourth consecutive quarter. In 108, the annual output value of the manufacturing industry was 1.321195 trillion yuan, an annual decrease of 5.84%.

According to the Ministry of Economic Affairs, in the information electronics industry, the output value of the electronic component industry was 953.6 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 4.14%, of which the integrated circuit industry decreased 1.80% year-on-year, mainly due to the weak memory market conditions, conservative customer demand, and price declines. However, due to the strong demand for 5G mobile communications and high-performance computing, the 12-inch wafer foundry offset part of the decline; due to oversupply in the LCD panel and its component industry, the output value shrank to 173.4 billion yuan, an annual decrease of 21.13%; computer electronics The product and optical products industry has accelerated global supply chain reorganization due to US-China trade disputes. Manufacturers have continued to expand domestic production capacity, coupled with booming orders for mobile device lenses, resulting in an output value of 214 billion yuan, a new high since the third quarter of 102, which is higher than In the same quarter of the year, it increased by 17.95%, and it is growing for 7 consecutive quarters.

As for the traditional industries, the chemical raw materials industry, basic metals industry, and machinery and equipment industries are all affected by the US-China trade dispute. International raw material prices continue to be at a low level, and downstream demand is weak, resulting in annual output values ​​of 21.55%, 15.76%, and 13.49% respectively; The automobile and its parts industry increased by 7.72% year-on-year, ending 8 consecutive quarters of negative growth since the end of the fourth quarter of 106, mainly due to the hot selling of new models of small sedan models and the recovery of the export market.

In the whole year of 108, the output value of the manufacturing industry was 1,312,195 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 5.84%. Among them, the chemical raw material industry, basic metal industry and machinery and equipment industry experienced a large decrease, with annual decreases of 17.97%, 10.86% and 10.73%, respectively. The component industry decreased by 6.21% annually, and the automobile and parts industry also decreased by 1.53%. The computer electronics and optical products industry performed well, with an annual increase of 21.73% in output value, the largest increase since 101.