Real and Sevilla Respect Each Other too Much in Anoeta

Donostiarras and Sevillians sign the tables in a match where Oyarzabal missed a penalty.

Real Sociedad and Sevilla drew goalless in a match in which the excessive respect they professed resulted in a quality game but with hardly any scoring chances, except for the penalty missed by Mikel Oyarzabal, which could have changed the sign of a nice crash in the first period and heavy in the second.

Two teams that make offensive football their main bet and that last season seconded the three big budgets of LaLiga as fourth and fifth classified, allowed to predict a vibrant and uncompromising match, an anticipation that was fulfilled when Mateu Lahoz gave the initial whistle, with both looking for the opposite goal and the Norwegian Sorloth and Erik Lamela generating the first concerns to the rival.

The chances of scoring were not abundant because Sevilla and Real are very solid in defense and, curiously, the biggest scare for the locals came in a mistake by Merino when playing the ball with Remiro inside the txuri urdin area, frivolity settled without major costs for him. set of Imanol Alguacil.

Everything could change midway through the first half when Sevilla did not defend well a play in their area with Sorloth as the protagonist, the ball touched Diego Carlos’s hand, the referee had to go to the VAR review and awarded a penalty, which, against prognosis Mikel Oyarzabal failed.

Lopetegui was not satisfied with what he saw and moved the bench at the beginning of the second half, removing Rakitic and Lamela to look for a mordant that his team had lacked in the first 45 minutes.

However, the Real was still very well established and did not let the Andalusians approach Remiro’s goal with danger, despite the fact that the Sevilla players took a step forward with the changes.

Oyarzabal, by surprise, would also be substituted in the blue and white box and thus, without his two top scorers (Isak had been injured before), Real faced the last third of the game in which he seemed to give ground in favor of a Sevilla that was beginning to go for the game but with the handicap of not generating dangerous chances so far.
Sevilla tried to stretch in the final stretch seeing that Real was tired and accepted a draw that was about to escape the txuri urdin team when five minutes from the end a gallop by Rafa Mir led to the greatest danger of the entire match, but it would be aborted by Remiro in his only compromised intervention.

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