Won/Dollar Exchange Rate Starts to Rise Slightly

As of 10 o’clock  (Korea time) on Wednesday, the main features are KPM Tech, SK Biopharm, and Samsung Electronics (KS:005930)

As of 10 p.m. on Wednesday, 14th, the characteristics of KPM Tech, SK Biopharm, and Samsung Electronics appeared.

KPM Tech increased by 180 won (+4.33%) from the previous trading day to 4,340 won, SK Biopharm increased by 10,000 won (+6.78%) from the previous trading day to 157,500 won, and Samsung Electronics decreased by 400 won (-0.66%) from the previous trading day. I started trading at 60,500 won.

Won/dollar exchange rate starts to rise slightly

On the 14th, the won/dollar exchange rate started to rise slightly.

As of 9:10 am on the Seoul foreign exchange market, the won/dollar exchange rate is 1,147.3 won per dollar, up 0.2 won from the previous day.

The exchange rate increased by 2.4 won and started trading at 1,149.5 won per dollar, and it is moving in the early market.

The sentiment of favoring risky assets such as currencies in emerging economies has slowed due to news of the subsequent suspension of clinical trials for the novel coronavirus infection (Corona 19) vaccine and the possibility that the US economic stimulus will pass before the presidential election.

Janssen, a subsidiary of U.S. pharmaceutical companies Eli Lilly and Johnson & Johnson (J&J), announced that clinical trials for treatments and vaccines would be suspended.

In the New York Stock Market last night, major indices such as the Dow Jones 30 Industrial Average (-0.55%), Standard & Poor’s (S&P) 500 (-0.63%), and Nasdaq (-0.10%) fell all at once.

The Bank of Korea Financial and Monetary Commission, which will be held this morning, is unlikely to affect the market as it is highly likely to unanimously freeze the base rate.

At this time, the KOSPI is down 0.19%.

Won/yen fiscal exchange rate at the same time

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