Sustainability And Inclusion are Two Essential Commitments of L’Oreal

The purpose of the L’Oreal company is to create the beauty that moves the world, being the leading beauty company with a presence in more than 120 countries.

During the presentation of the campaign “We create the beauty that moves the world”, the president and CEO of L’Oreal Mexico, Kenneth Cambpell, expressed: “As the number one beauty company in the world, at L’Oreal we are also responsible for having a positive impact on our environment, after all, why create beauty if you cannot contribute to the progress of humanity, our society or the planet? ”.

Kenneth mentioned that the company’s achievements in the areas of sustainability, diversity and inclusion have been recognized worldwide. Likewise, he stressed that his purpose is summarized in a forceful phrase “We create the beauty that moves the world.” Where three objectives are involved: an entrepreneurial and creative mentality to achieve what is beyond what is possible; the view that beauty is essential but adaptable to each individual and, ultimately, the power of beauty.

L’Oreal Green Science
Fabian Flores, Scientific Director of Latin America at L’Oreal spoke about the company’s strategy to meet its sustainability goals, by offering safe and effective products while implementing new ingredients and formulas.

“For the L’Oreal group it is very important to maintain its commitment to a transparent and permanent dialogue with consumers, that is why we have launched our website Inside our products to answer the questions that consumers may have today about our products, ingredients and composition, ”shared Flores.

It should be noted that the cosmetic company stopped testing its products on animals since 1989, thus demonstrating its commitment to the environment and society; because this decision was made 14 years before these practices were banned globally.

On her part, Laura Perez-Grovas, Director of Operations at L’Oreal Mexico, explained about the responsibility that the company has to protect the beauty of the planet. The global program “L’Oréal for the future” is based on three strategic pillars:

The transformation that respects planetary limits

Derived from each pillar, there are various specific actions that are being implemented in the organization and Perez-Grovas indicated some: “We seek carbon neutral certification in all our sites using 100% clean energy, reducing our energy consumption by 50 %; We will reduce the CO2 emissions generated by transfers by 50% so that our products are in your hands; we are reducing water consumption, implementing Water Loop technology in our plants – which allows 100% of the water used for our services to be recycled.

Empowered women
Innovations in beauty products through science is not the only thing that the company has worked on over time, another of the aspects in which they pay special attention is in training and supporting women to promote their full development.

“We act to promote the role of women in society and we also strengthen the development of the communities around us. For this reason, female empowerment is part and DNA of our company, ”said Araceli Becerril, Manager of Corporate Communication and Social Responsibility at L’Oreal Mexico.

Some of the actions they have promoted are “Stand up against street sexual harassment”, a program to fight sexual harassment in public spaces; “Mujeres de Valor”, which recognizes women who through their actions make a difference in the world; “Write Her Future”, a literacy program for women and “Pioneering Women in Reconstructive Surgery”, where L’Oreal supports surgeons so that they can operate pro bono on patients requiring reconstructive surgery.

Finally, regarding diversity and inclusion, Becerril pointed out: “We have several policies where we promote diversity in all senses, because we are convinced that it is the wealth that makes us the group that we are today. At L’Oreal we have products for each of our consumers, because