“Taiwan Stock Market” Turns Single Profitable…

Taiwan stocks were warmed up by Apple’s general stocks in advance of the press conference on the 14th. With low base period production stocks and deep-deep performance stocks coming forward, the three major concept stocks pulled together and the market rose 111 points. Return to the monthly line after 7 trading days.

After foreign capital bought over 9.581 billion yuan on the 14th, it was the first time since September to see over-purchases on the third consecutive day. It is clear that the negative reaction to the Huawei ban has come to an end. In addition, SMIC may also be included in the US government’s blacklist. As far as the factory is concerned, the benefits of transfer orders may be expected. The weighted index rose by 111 points at the end of the 14th to close at 12,787 points, simultaneously recovering the gap between the monthly line of 12,690 points and the 4th gap. However, the official stock brokerages sold three times in a row, and sold 2.578 billion yuan on the 14th.

Although the market closed in the red, the volume and energy has shrunk to 180 billion yuan on the fourth consecutive day. It is obvious that the willingness of buyers to chase prices has slowed down. The main reason is that the atmosphere in China and the United States is chilling. After the United States issued a Continental Army power report in early September, the mainland Department of Defense 13 Japan issued a statement of refutation, with the United States and Taiwan holding their own military exercises on the 14th, and signs of separation from the mainland, which has been frequently engaged in military actions recently. (News source: Business Times-reporter Ke Zongyuan.

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