Technology Stocks Collectively Strengthened

As of the close, the Shanghai index rose 0.81% to 289.58 points, with a turnover of 256.278 billion yuan (the turnover on the previous trading day was 289.09 billion yuan); the Shenzhen Stock Exchange Index rose 1.21% to 11052.85 points, with a turnover of 385.245 billion yuan ( The turnover of the previous trading day was 442.714 billion yuan); the ChiNext Index rose 1.38% to 3956.25 points.

Judging from the disk, the photoresist, semiconductor, and sub-stock sectors performed strongly; the gold, pork, and beer sectors performed poorly.

Walter Gas (92.500, 15.42, 20.01%), Feike Materials (21.810, 1.98, 9.98%), Yake Technology (46.210, 4.20, 10.00%) daily limit, Baotong Technology (21.100, 1.43, 7.27%), Gaomeng New materials (14.990, 0.70, 4.90%) and others have followed suit.

2. Tesla

Wencan shares (18.060, 1.64, 9.99%), Jingwei shares (4.090, 0.37, 9.95%) rose daily limit, Xusheng shares (40.780, 0.81, 2.03%), Weitang Industrial (17.890, 0.94, 5.55%) And so on.

1. According to the automotive industry market forecasting agency LMC, the number of Chinese automobile registrations for Tesla in April decreased from 12,709 in March to 4,633.

2. It is reported that the Hong Kong Stock Exchange will shorten the IPO prospectus settlement cycle.

3. Due to the sudden drop in demand, European car sales fell by a record 78% in April.

4. The United Kingdom announced plans to cut tariffs of 30 billion pounds after Brexit; British global tariffs will replace the EU ’s common external tariffs on January 1, 2021; the United Kingdom will impose a 10% tariff on cars.

5. Ministry of Science and Technology: Half of the new crown vaccines currently in clinical trials globally are in China.

6. According to China News Service, another important measure to stimulate the economy came after the consumption coupons. Starting from May 21, under the guidance of the China Banking Regulatory Commission, the three major policy banks will work with online merchant banks to issue tens of billions of “interest-free coupons” to small and micro businesses and individual industrial and commercial households. The first batch of “interest-free coupons” It will be issued in 81 cities across the country, and small businesses with business licenses can go to Alipay to collect it.

7. According to First Financial, according to media reports, the second listing process of JD Hong Kong is approaching, or it will seek to pass the listing hearing next week, and the IPO will be launched in early June as soon as possible. In response to this rumor, declined to comment, but said that there will be “big moves” in 618 this year.

8. Sony responded that the report on the privatized financial subsidiary is not true.

“Taipei Stock Market” downgrades

The U.S. Department of Commerce has issued a new ban on Huawei, which severely overthrows Huawei ’s supply chain. The foreign investment community has responded quickly. The most notable is the downgrade of Nomura Securities Wang Daliguang and Credit Suisse Securities. On the occasion of Wang TSMC, both Taiwanese stocks were hit together, blowing 520 quotations and a pool of spring water.

The United States has not let go of Huawei, confirming that foreign investors proposed the establishment of “one world, two systems” in 2019, which has jointly brought Taiwan stocks into “one Taiwan stock, two worlds.” Morgan Stanley, Lyon, JPMorgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, Nomura, Credit Suisse and others accelerated the completion of the impact assessment of the supply chain of Taiwan stocks. The tide, the PCB ethnic group even experienced an indifferent decline.

Hou Mingxiao, head of research at the Lyon Securities Asia Technology Industry Department, explained that the United States has given a new punch to Huawei, fully confirming previous concerns that the supply chain of smart phone chip (SoC) and radio frequency (RF) components such as TSMC and stable , ASE Investment Control, Precision Testing, and non-smart phones (5G base stations) related to Nandian and Jingyuan Electric have all suffered.

Relatively, MediaTek, which is expected to usher in a single-turn effect, has become a standout and has become a representative of the beneficiary stocks in Huawei ’s ban. It has also been evaluated by Morgan Stanley Securities Semiconductor Industry Analyst Zhan Jiahong as “Outperform”, encouraging a 7.18% surge on the 18th , Zhan Jiahong also reiterated that the mainland will accelerate the important trend of localization of semiconductors.

It is worth mentioning that the market is worried that the mainland will retaliate against the United States, especially Qualcomm, Cisco and Apple may become targets of sacrifice, but Hou Mingxiao inferred that if the mainland really retaliated against these three U.S. companies, not only is it powerful to compare with the US Huawei ban, Apple It will only hurt its own supply chain. Considering that the mainland relies heavily on US technology and semiconductors, if the mainland wants to retaliate, it is more likely to turn its spearhead to non-technical fields.United States has given a new punch to Huawe.

JPMorgan Chase, Morgan Stanley, and Lyon are not so pessimistic about TSMC. They think that after the recent concerns have finally come true, they should pay attention to TSMC’s access to Intel CPU OEM opportunities.

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