Tessalia Reports Psychological Problems She Suffered After the ‘BBB 10’

Ex-BBB left the reality show w.ith a high rejection rate for being an open player and for her involvement with Michel Turtchin; after her participation, she faced anxiety and panic attacks.

Labeled as villain of the “BBB 10”, the digital influencer Tessalia Serighelli was eliminated in the third week with a high rejection rate – 78% of the votes on a triple wall – and had to deal with several psychological problems due to this post-reality. The position of assumed player and the relationship at home with Michel Turtchin were the main factors that resulted in the elimination of the influencer. “I went out and had to deal with a life totally different from the one I had, it really messed with my head. Nowadays I am medicated, everything is fine, but there are still things that make me anxious and I know they are triggers of that time ”, said the former BBB in an interview with Jovem Pan.

Tessalia made it clear that the problem was not having participated in the program, which is about to reach its 21st edition, but having to face the consequences of it. “There was still no talk of cancellation, but I was canceled. I left as a villain, but I don’t see what I did in the program as something typical of a villain. I participated in the program at a time when it was a crime to speak openly that you were there to play. The people wanted you to say that you were there because God sent you, you had to play the part of a good girl ”, commented the influencer, who mentioned that the illusionist Pyong Lee, from“ BBB 20 ”, was not judged for saying that he entered the reality to play. “10 years ago, a woman saying she was a player was not acceptable,” she emphasized.

What also motivated the ex-BBB’s cancellation was the one involved with Michel, who entered the house leaving an indefinite relationship out here. “I got a face that had a girlfriend, who was almost a bride in fact, and I didn’t know. Out here, she went on ‘Fantastic’ to say that I had ended her life. The main factor in my rejection rate was because of that. Imagine, on Sunday, just before I went to the wall, there was the report in the ‘Fantastic’ of about 15 minutes saying that he had proposed to her at Disney. It was as if I had stolen it from her in the vision of Brazil. ” After the reality show, Tessalia and Michel even dated for five months.

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The ex-BBB entered the game at the invitation of Boninho, who remains as director of the program. He even influenced her because, at the time, she had a very successful Twitter profile. Involved in social networks, Tessalia already knew how to deal with internet haters, but when she left the “BBB” she had to deal with rejection in real life. “I was cursed two or three times on the street, and because of these episodes, I got into the paranoia of always thinking that they were talking bad about me when I saw people whispering. I thought they were going to hit me, I started to leave the house out of fear. I was a DJ and, when I left home to play, I was afraid of the public’s rejection and I ended up developing agoraphobia, which is the fear of being in a closed place without knowing where there is a nearby exit door. This triggered anxiety attacks, which triggered the panic syndrome ”, revealed Tessalia, who, with medication and therapy, managed to overcome these obstacles over the years.

She currently lives in London with her boyfriend, British journalist Simon Boazman, and is on vacation in Brazil. After living abroad, the ex-BBB stopped watching reality shows because of the time zone, but made it clear that she loves the format and follows everything that is happening on social networks. “My biggest mistake was entering 10 years ago (laughs). I am very happy to see that the program has evolved, that this year there were three women in the final and no ‘trash boy’. The Brazilian is stopping deifying these men and voting for a program like ‘BBB’ shows this because it’s kind of a reflection of our society, ”he concluded.


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