The 1,000 cc Turbo Engine has A Magnite Brings The Advantages of The Nissan GT-R

PT Nissan Motor Distributor Indonesia (NMDI) officially markets Magnite in the country. This SUV, which was shipped in its entirety in India, is the first car to carry a turbo engine in its class. Bagus Susanto, Director of Representative of PT NMDI, said that Magnite’s turbo engine offers advantages in terms of performance and fuel efficiency. HRAO 3-cylinder 1000 cc Turbo engine in manual transmission can produce peak power of up to 100 PS or the equivalent of 98 tk at 5,000 rpm and a maximum torque of 160 Nm which can be achieved from 2,800 rpm to 3,600 rpm.

Meanwhile, in the CVT automatic transmission, the figures for the capacity and power generated are still the same as for the manual transmission. However, the torque reaches 152 Nm at 2,200 rpm to 4,400 rpm. “The heart of the HRAO 1.0 liter Turbo uses the” mirror bore cylinder coating “technology used by world-class sports cars like the Nissan GT-R,” said Bagus, in a virtual conference, Tuesday (12/1/2021). “To reduce resistance in the engine, reduce weight, improve heat and combustion management, resulting in smoother acceleration and efficient fuel consumption,” he said.

Bagus also claims, this technology also produces better fuel economy, and low CO2 emissions of around 118.5 g / km. Interestingly, apart from having responsive acceleration, the Magnite engine is claimed to have fairly minimal noise and vibration levels. Acceleration is also called 50 percent better than non-turbo (naturally aspirated) engines, especially when accelerating early and overtaking.

“The all-new Nissan Magnite embodies our philosophy about Nissan-ness, which empowers people through products and technological breakthroughs,” said Evensius Go, President Director of PT NMDI, at the same opportunity. “This development is expected to create an easy and enjoyable driving experience. , it is more environmentally friendly and offers extraordinary mileage, “he said.

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