The Blindfold to Completely Break the Shura Ending of “Sekiro”.

The foreign live broadcaster successfully challenged the blindfold to completely break the Shura ending of “Sekiro“. The whole process only took 4 and a half hours.

In March of this year, we reported that LilAggy, a well-known SpeedRun player, successfully defeated “Sekiro” “Sekiro Ashina Isshin” only by sound effects. However, just defeating Ashina Yixin does not seem to satisfy the player’s determination to challenge Sekiro. Now Twitch live host Mitchriz is trying to blindfold the Shura ending of “Sekiro”, and successfully achieved this amazing achievement in 4 hours, 35 minutes and 13 seconds.

Throughout the strategy process, Mitchriz showed players how he explored the entire “Wolf” world using only sound. Mitchriz will count down to confirm the distance moved. Sometimes he will continue to swing the sword until he hits the wall to confirm his position. Even entering cutscenes, hooks, etc. are also important elements to help him pass the level.