“The Crown 4 ” Princess Diana’s Brother Against The Series

Charles Spencer, who accused the BBC of getting the historic 1995 interview with the princess through deception in early November, criticized the Netflix production. “Full of conjectures and inventions. People think they have seen a documentary, but they are not ”
“A lot of guesswork and more inventions.” Charles Spencer, brother of Lady Diana Spencer, dismissed the fourth season of The Crown as an unconvincing mass of lies and drama. “You can call them facts, but what’s in between aren’t facts,” said the princess’s younger brother, guest of Love your weekend with Alan Titchmarsh. “I felt a bit uncomfortable watching the Netflix series,” added Spencer, a historian by profession, “The Crown asked us to be able to film in Althorp (where the Spencers have their historic residence, ed), but, obviously, I said no. My concern is that people watch such a program and forget that it is fiction. They presume, I suppose, especially foreigners, ”continued Charles Spencer, explaining how some Americans told him they saw The Crown with the same tone that reserves for academic studies.

“They say they viewed The Crown as if they had taken a history class. Well, that’s not the case, ”concluded Spencer, who at the beginning of November accused the BBC of having falsified the documents of an interview with the princess. “I believe it is my job to honor her memory and fight for her whenever I can,” said Princess Diana’s younger brother.

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