The Fordf Focus Active 2021 Transplants the Original Design Aesthetics

The SUV series has become popular, and the crossover car series derived from the SUV faction continues to be popular in the contemporary era. Take it for granted that almost all automakers have invested a lot of money in research and development, and Ford, an American brand, cannot be absent. Therefore, the first wave of masterpieces has just entered in 2021, with Ford Focus as an excellent base, with cross-border functional elements and technological safety equipment, and thus derived this unique European and American cross-border new choice Ford Focus Active!

The Focus Active, which focuses on willful driving, perfectly transplants the original design aesthetics of Ford Focus, but in order to cope with the cross-border off-road elements, Ford gave a new design for this, and imported Active exclusive kits to make this Focus Active lively inside and out. First of all, from the perspective of the front of the car, Focus Active introduces a new black rim lattice water tank cover, and incorporates a high anti-wear sports kit, and introduces fog silver material into the fog lamp and lower guard plate, interpreting the American style of cross-border off-road with unique insight gene.

Of course, the Active package is more than that. When it comes to the side and rear of the car, Focus Acive has wheels and side skirts specially designed for Active, as well as Active exclusive sports roof racks that can carry 75kg, and the top of the fender is more exclusive. The Active nameplate plaque, and the five-spoke two-color cutting aluminum ring is used under the wheel hub. It is paired with Goodyear EfficientGrip Performance tires specially designed for Active models. It not only enhances the overall visual tension, but also takes care of it. Strong grip performance. The rear part of the car also has an Active rear spoiler, and the introduction of LED light guide strip taillights brings a high degree of recognition for night driving.

The cockpit space and the standard Focus car series maintain a high level of quality, but because it is an Active model, Ford also pays extra attention to the details of the layout. The first thing you see when you step into the car is the Active exclusive A-shaped embellished seat, with dynamic blue stitching on it, giving people a relaxed and comfortable outdoor feeling. In addition, the door trim also adopts a dynamic blue style to replace the inside. Add a lot of off-road genes. In the equipment part, Focus Active is also equipped with an 8-inch floating full-color LCD touch screen and Qi wireless charging station, providing a convenient driving experience, and the more standard wayward version of the model also has B&O audio and 9 ring-cabin theater speakers. With 1 subwoofer, it creates 675W power output, allowing passengers to enjoy high-quality music environment.

As for the safety part that current users are most concerned about, Focus Acitve is not absent. It has completely imported the Ford Co-Pilot 360™ with Level 2 level, with iACC intelligent cruise control system, ACC Stop&Go (0-200km/h), AEB full-speed zone assisted braking system, LCA lane guidance assist system, 6 SRS assisted airbags and high-strength boron steel body structure, truly master the current consumer needs and provide excellent driving confidence.

In addition, the reason why Focus Active is deeply topical is that it not only increases the vehicle height data, but is independently suspended under the C2 platform through the Ford factory adjustment of multi-links, and the front and rear control arm steering seats The new shock-absorbing tube and spring coil are given on the top, the front suspension is increased by 40mm, the rear suspension is increased by 44mm, and the lower height is increased to 163mm, with a complete independent suspension system. More than that, in order to greatly enhance Active’s off-road mobility, Ford is equipped with up to 5 driving modes, including standard, fuel-efficient, sporty, non-slip and simple, and the latter two are the most eye-catching, making Focus Active calmer On all kinds of hardcore roads!

In terms of performance, Focus Active is also quite outstanding in the same class of crossovers. It is the same as the standard Focus model. It is equipped with an EcoBoost 182 inline 3-cylinder turbocharged gasoline engine with a maximum horsepower output of 133kW (182ps)/6,000rpm and a peak torque of 24.5. kgm/1,600~4,500rpm, with 8-speed SelectShift manual transmission system and front-wheel drive, it provides excellent acceleration and an average fuel consumption of 16.4km/l.