The New Windows 11 Operating System Draws a Line from the Past by Removing Internet Explorer

With Windows 11, some features will become obsolete and some will be removed. In the case of the Internet Explorer browser, Microsoft has mentioned a deactivation and Microsoft Edge will stand out as the recommended replacement.

More explicitly, Microsoft specifies that the Internet Explorer 11 desktop app will simply not be available on Windows 11, and that Microsoft Edge is the default browser for Windows 11.

The MSHTML rendering engine – aka Trident – remains as a component of the Windows 11 operating system. It is a requirement for compatibility reasons in order to allow web pages to load in Internet Explorer mode in Microsoft Edge.

According to Microsoft, this IE mode in Microsoft Edge can be useful in certain scenarios that we now imagine less and less frequent, even in companies. With Windows 11, an Internet Explorer search or an iexplore.exe command will in any case be forgotten.

A sometimes cumbersome vestige of the past, Internet Explorer is finally bowing out with the new Windows.