The US Stocks Have Recently Risen Strongly

U.S. stocks developed individually last Friday. U.S. consumer prices rose for three consecutive months, reflecting that the economy has gradually emerged from the haze of the epidemic.

The Dow rose by 131 points, and the Nasdaq rose by 66 points. U.S. stock futures performed well, driving the Hong Kong stock market to open 65 points higher. After opening at 24,569 points, the increase expanded to more than 200 points. Tencent (00700) led the rise, with its stock price rising 4%.

The US stocks have recently risen strongly. In addition to better-than-expected economic data and excessive policies, FAANG and Tesla’s stock price rises are indispensable, especially when Apple and Tesla stocks announced in early August that they would split on August 31. Investors are stuck. These two stocks caused stock prices to explode in August, not only leading the four major U.S. stock indexes to rise and hit new highs, but Nasdaq and Feban also exceeded 20% of Daiso’s highest points in February. Global stock markets also followed strong performance.

US stocks rose more short-term correction risk

Apple and Tesla’s stock split had nothing to do with fundamentals, but the news of the two stocks was announced in early August until the stock split date on August 31 and the split rose for two days. The stock price rose by nearly 50%, also due to a large number of small investors The influx of online transactions is very different from the situation where American corporate insiders sold stocks in August and realized a new high in the past five years.

Since September 3, the two stocks have seen a sharp retracement, and they continued to fall this week. There is no other reason. The rise is only due to the news, and the fall is only due to the facts. Moreover, the influx of small investors has caused online trading to crash. The taste of shoes and children are investing in the market. This week, Apple, Tesla stocks and the U.S. stock indexes have risen and fallen for the second consecutive week. Among them, the Nasdaq and Fischer-Half indexes have been revised down by about 11% from their highest point.

If before the US presidential election, the stock prices of US stocks and individual stocks have undergone a major correction due to the bearishness, which drags down the major market and individual stocks of US stocks and Taiwan stocks, and the stock prices of individual stocks also undergo major corrections, then the share prices of US stocks and Taiwan stocks will have a better short-term opportunity. , You can take the opportunity to choose the best short-term investment in individual stocks.

Taiwan stock investment advice: new price-increasing stocks and peak season demand electronic stocks

The last loophole in the US’s blocking of the supply of Huawei from other IC manufacturers has caused the stock prices of Taiwanese manufacturers that shipped Huawei to plummet. MediaTek, IC Design, and Largan have become the epicenters, causing the recent electronics stocks to be corrected; mainly due to the future prosperity and The shipment trend is likely to reverse from the high point to the bottom, because the lack of Huawei’s substantial pull, including the downward performance of the fourth quarter to the first half of next year, and the pressure of inventory adjustment in the fourth quarter, will make the performance of the fourth quarter of this year and next year And profit will be revised downwards, and stock prices with high P/E ratios will be adjusted downwards.

Even if the stock price has fallen deep in the near future, a rebound is expected, but the price-to-earnings ratio and stock price base period are still high, the bargaining chips are messy, and the recent U.S. stocks are deteriorating due to the completion of the split of Apple and Tesla stocks. The risk is slightly high, and the stock price is relatively weak. Unless the stock price falls deep enough, it will be profitable if the stock price falls short.

At present, PC and NB demand continues to be strong. Even the chairman of Acer claimed that due to the shortage of components and the surge in orders, the company’s current supply gap is as high as 70%. NB-related groups can pay attention.

In addition, Apple will release new products this week. China’s November 11th, Double 11, and Black Friday TV stocking tides in the United States are coming simultaneously, which is expected to drive the four major groups of smart phones, tablets, smart watches and TV supply chains to welcome them. The fourth season of traditional peak season market.

The sharp increase in demand for the above products and the increased demand for panels in the second half of the peak season, coupled with the fact that Chinese and Korean manufacturers no longer expand their LCD production lines, caused the price of large panels to rise by more than 20% in the third quarter, and the price of small and medium-sized panels rose by 5-10 %, the current offer still has a chance to rise to October; panel prices have risen sharply. It is expected that AUO and Innolux will have a chance to make profits in the third quarter, and the profit in the fourth quarter will reach a peak. Recently, AUO, Innolux and LCD-related component stocks have performed strongly, and there is still a point to buy when the stock price pulls back.

At the Apple Conference on September 16, new products are expected to be announced. Outsiders believe that this event may announce the new Apple Watch series 6 and new iPad models, which is beneficial to related component suppliers. In addition, the foreign news agency pointed out that Apple may hold a second new product launch conference on October 13, when four iPhone 12 series will be announced, including the lower-priced 5.4-inch iPhone 12, the 6.1-inch iPhone 12 Plus, and the 6.1-inch iPhone. The 12 Pro and 6.8-inch iPhone 12 Pro Max are equipped with OLED screens and support 5G connectivity. But Apple-related concept stocks need to pay attention to three things:

1. Apple’s stock price rose by 50% due to the spin-off, irrespective of the fundamentals. The recent rise in Apple’s stock price may be corrected, which may cause Apple to follow up and make corrections; however, the base period of Apple’s stock price is relatively low, after September It will usher in the peak shipping season. If Apple’s stock price rises more and more corrections, Apple’s mobile phone component stocks and assembly plants with low stock prices can find buying points on dips.

Recently, the stock prices of TCC and Asia Cement have been consolidating for a period of time, and the P/E ratio of about 10 times is still very low. It is expected that in the second half of the peak season and China Cement’s quotation is expected to rise, we can take advantage of the recent stock price consolidation to find opportunities for investment.

Steel, cement, and plastics are the main beneficiaries of infrastructure. Trump plans to invest US$1 trillion in infrastructure revitalization plans, focusing on infrastructure such as roads and bridges, 5G telecommunications networks, and network broadband construction in remote rural areas. From the first quarter to the beginning of the third quarter, China’s massive demand for future reconstruction after flooding will boost demand for steel, cement, and plastics. Recently, iron ore quotations have risen sharply.

Steel, PVC, and ABS plasticization stocks have a low base period and are beneficial to related companies due to rising quotations. In the second half of the year, there may be post-disaster reconstruction in China, post-hurricane reconstruction needs in the United States, and infrastructure demand in the United States and China. Short-term stock price increases can be pulled back. Undertake on dips, interval operations.

Wind power and solar stocks, stock price corrections and then range operations

In the first half of this year, the performance and profitability of wind power stocks and solar energy stocks were not outstanding, and due to the gold absorption effect of the strong performance of electronic stocks, market investment funds will not stop in these industries and related stocks in large quantities; however, due to the return of manufacturers to Taiwan, Taiwan lacks electricity Suspicions reappeared and the government promoted green power. In the second half of the year, due to policy promotion, wind power installations and solar energy installations accelerated, and energy-saving stocks and power generation stocks emerged.

In the second half of the year, wind power-related companies increased their operating scale. Not only did their performance grow significantly, but more importantly, the increase in yield resulted in a significant increase in profits. Some solar stocks such as Motech, Taiji, and Yude turned losses into profits in the second quarter. Part of the funds went to wind power stocks such as ZTE, Shangwei, Yongguan, Century Steel, and solar stocks such as Motech, Anji, Taiji, Yuanjing, Shuohe, Yude, etc. However, the stock prices of wind power and solar energy stocks have risen too much recently, and it is not recommended to chase them up a lot. It is necessary to wait for the stock price to be moderately corrected before choosing an investment opportunity and operating within a range.

Editor’s note: This article is for reference only and does not constitute an offer, or invitation, inducement, any representation regardless of type or form, or make any suggestions and recommendations. Readers should use their independent thinking ability to make their own investment decisions If any losses are incurred due to the relevant recommendations, it has nothing to do with , the editor and the author.

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