The World’s Most Punctual Airlines

The average punctuality of Air France flights improved between 2018 and 2019. This is reflected in the “Punctuality League 2020” of the Official Aviation Guide , which concerns the most punctual companies and airports in the world . In this ranking, relayed by Air Journal, Air France ranks 7th among large companies (more than 30 million passengers transported per year), whereas it was only 13th last year.

The punctuality level of airlines (OTP) is based on flights arriving or departing within 15 minutes of their scheduled departure or arrival time. Cancellations are also included in the calculation model. Air France’s OTP has thus improved significantly in one year, from 79.92% compared to 74.11% a year ago. In this little game, however, it is the Chilean airline LATAM, which flies all over South America in particular, which is doing the best.

Moscow Airport stands out
It ranks first in the rankings (86.41% WTP), as it did last year for the major airlines. The podium is completed by the Russian company Aeroflot (86.30%) and the Japanese All Nippon Airways (85.92%). Note that Air France is the second European airline in this ranking, behind Aeroflot. Russia stands out in the eyes of the OAG because Moscow-Sheremetyevo Airport (86.87% OTP) is the one with the most punctual flights among the “mega airports” (20 to 30 million passengers per year ): this was already the case last year.

It is just ahead of Tokyo Haneda (86.60%) and Singapore Changi (84.03%). The first European airport in this ranking is Madrid (5th, 79.92%). Roissy – Charles de Gaulle enters the top 20, in which he did not appear last year (20th, 73.67%). “The global market is almost at its best in terms of punctuality. The performance increase is led by the major airlines such as Aeroflot, Delta Air Lines and Air France, which simultaneously increase the number of flights operated and maintain a high OTP. We see success spilling over to the hubs they serve, which benefits the entire travel ecosystem, “said John Grant, analyst at OAG, at Air Journal.