There is Also a New Term Called ‘Corona Blue’

Due to the spread of the new coronavirus, children will not be able to go to school or play with friends as before, and they will be living in an unfamiliar environment.

In addition, there are children who become more worried about daily media information. In such a case, children are under great stress, and if the stress continues for a long time, Various changes can occur in feelings, body, and thinking.

Many children recover with appropriate responses from surrounding adults. However, some children need specialized mental health care.

There is also a new term called ‘corona blue‘ that combines ‘corona 19’ with ‘blue’, which means depression. According to Daegu City in South Korea on the 26th, 2,672 cases of telephone psychological counseling were held at the Integrated Psychological Support Group until the previous day. There were 5,838 guidance text messages sent before the telephone consultation.

Daegu City has formed a wide-area and basic mental health welfare center to provide psychological counseling services as corona19 confirmed surged last month.

The Integrated Psychological Support Group sends a text message to psychological counseling after sending a text message for the mental health of those who suffer stress, anxiety, and helplessness due to corona19.

In this process, high-risk groups are selected to link treatment, as well as psychological counseling for those who have been isolated. At each district and county mental health welfare center, the center business, which consists of about 10 mental health professionals, is being put forward for psychological counseling.

Nam-gu Mental Health and Welfare Center has been conducting psychological counseling for more than 3,000 people from the end of last month to the present. In the jurisdiction, Shincheonji Daegu Church and related facilities have more isolates including definite persons than other regions. However, the officials of the center explained that it relieved the burden of distributing management personnel from the regional mental health welfare center to each basic center.

Meanwhile, Daegu Metropolitan Mental Health Welfare Center and the Korean Neuropsychiatry Association reviewed a plan to designate a mental ward to quarantine and treat mentally ill patients among corona19 diagnosed patients on the 16th. The decision was made by focusing on mental health specialists in several local hospitals to treat infectious and mental illnesses in parallel.

After the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia, psychological crisis intervention became an indispensable part of the war. The Psychology Department of Beijing Normal University opened a “heart” epidemic prevention psychological support line. As of March 15, the number of participants in the project reached 1,246, and 5,361 consultations have been provided to the society for free, with a total length of nearly 70,000 minutes.

Attaching importance to psychological trauma intervention while fighting the epidemic is another “war” at a different level. As early as January 26, the National Health and Health Commission issued the “Guiding Principles for Emergency Psychological Crisis Intervention of Pneumonia Epidemic of New Coronavirus Infection“, requiring all provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities to cope with the new mechanism of joint prevention and control of new pneumonia epidemic situations to jointly lead psychological crisis intervention. jobs.

In terms of implementing psychological intervention policies, Wuhan, Beijing, Shanghai and other places have opened psychological assistance hotlines, and some universities have also started similar work. However, the number of people actively participating in the consultation is still very few. For example, medical personnel in various provinces and regions are key groups. How many of them have received psychological intervention and help? Are the relatives around them, and the larger front-line community workers, aware of possible psychological trauma? Have you received relevant interventions and treatments?

It should be squarely faced, due to the lack of psychological intervention and assistance after major public incidents, which lead to individual health damage and family harmony damage are not rare, and have a certain long-term nature. According to a survey that researched the psychological status of junior high school students in the Wenchuan earthquake-stricken area three years later, the psychological problem detection rate of 327 junior high school students was 66.2%, of which 14.98% were estimated to have serious psychological problems, and left-behind children in the earthquake-stricken area Psychological problems are more prominent than non-left-behind children.


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Due to the spread of the new coronavirus, children will not be able to go to school or play with friends as before, and they will be living in an unfamiliar environment.

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