Trump Supporters Invade The Capitol

The United States Congress on Wednesday urgently suspended a session intended to certify Joe Biden’s presidential victory after pro-Trump protesters burst into Capitol Hill.

Supporters of Donald Trump entered Capitol Hill on Wednesday, January 6, where Congress was debating the certification of Joe Biden’s election as President of the United States.

A young woman was shot in the neck the Capitol Building;

Washington Mayor Muriel Bowser has ordered a curfew in the federal capital as the Pentagon announced the deployment of the National Guard.

“The scenes of chaos on Capitol Hill don’t reflect the real America, don’t represent who we are.” President-elect Joe Biden spoke after supporters of Donald Trump entered the grounds of the United States Congress on Wednesday, January 6, where the Democrat’s certification ceremony for the presidential election was taking place. The elected president denounced an “insurrection” and called on his predecessor to demand in front of the cameras “the end of the siege” of the Capitol.

Images posted on social media showed clashes with police. Tear gas was used and weapons drawn in an attempt to disperse the intruders. While the ceremony was interrupted, the White House announced that soldiers from the National Guard will be sent there to try to restore order in the federal capital. Vice President Mike Pence calls for an “immediate” end to the violence. Follow our live.

Elected officials denounce an attempted coup. “We are witnessing a coup attempt encouraged by the White House criminal. It is doomed to failure,” Democratic Representative William Pascrell tweeted, referring to Donald Trump. “This is not a demonstration. It is an attempted coup,” said elected Democrat Diana DeGette, denouncing “the anarchy fomented by our own president”.

Mike Pence refuses to give in. As the ceremony was about to begin, Vice President Mike Pence announced in a letter posted to social media on Wednesday that he would not oppose the certification of Joe Biden’s victory in Congress.

On Twitter, the US president called on his supporters to avoid violence.


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