Twitter: New System to Verify Accounts in 2021

At the beginning of the new year, Twitter will introduce a new system to verify accounts, that is, to grant the blue check to well-known personalities and profiles of public interest. The novelty comes three years after the suspension of the previous program, criticized by users because it is considered unclear and too arbitrary.

In a post, Twitter explained that from the beginning of 2021 it will be possible to return to ask for account verification.

Before doing so, however, “we need to update our verification rules”, defining what it means to have a blue check, who is eligible to get it and why it can be revoked. For this, the social network has asked for the help of users, opening a consultation phase that will end on 8 December.

At the moment Twitter has already identified the first six types of accounts that will be entitled to the blue check: governments; companies, brands and NGOs; media; activists, organizers and other influential individuals; accounts related to the world of sports and entertainment.