Unilever and Danone go for the Millionaire Vegan Protein Market

Statista projects that the market value of plant proteins worldwide will reach a value of $ 27.9 billion in 2025. Market Research Future projections raise the figure to $ 37.981 million.

Vegan proteins are gaining ground in the food and beverage industry. The market trend towards a diet that does not have to do with animal meat or milk has been developing since the past decade, but with changes in consumption habits driven by the pandemic, it accelerated its growth. Now companies like Danone and Unilever seize this opportunity with plant bassed products in their portfolios.

In Mexico, the consumption of alternative proteins is growing, and although there is still no estimated market value, the growth potential is promising given the increase in people who choose to leave animal proteins and by the group that, without leaving the meat, egg or milk, they also consume soy milk or lentil burgers.

Gustavo Lara, vice president of marketing for Danone Dairy and Plant-based Products, reports that the market for drinks made with plant-based proteins is experiencing a “boom”, with growth of over 17%, as its market share in the category, through its Silka brand, is 45%.

“The participation in the portfolio is small, it is not relevant yet, but what is relevant is the growth we have in this category, which is 50% of the growth we have as a company,” he says. “The market is a small market It is still a market that has not been measured in retail but is around 2,000 million dollars, which is not even 10% of fermented dairy products ”.

Silk has a 45% market share according to data from Danone Mexico.

Danone‘s vegetable bet grows, but still does not boost sales
According to a household survey carried out in Mexico by Statista, the quarterly expenditure on proteins of vegetable origin in the country was equivalent to 7,000 million pesos in 2018. Two years earlier, this value was equivalent to 6,420 million pesos.

Statista expects the global plant-based protein market to reach a value of $ 27.9 billion by 2025. Market Research Future projections put the figure at $ 37.981 billion.

Separately, Adelma González, general director of Unilever Food Solutions Mexico and North of Latin America, explains that the plant bassed food category will close the year with a value of 26 million euros, with growth expectations of between 20 and 25% per year in the cousins ​​10 years.

In the country, the company explores this market with Hellmann’s vegan, while encompassing food service thanks to an alliance with Burger King, to supply alternative meat for the classic Whopper hamburgers through Vegetarian Butcher, a company it acquired in 2019. The global objective is sell 1 billion euros in plant bassed products over the next five to seven years.

Internationally, Unilever’s portfolio with Vegetarian Butcher is broader and also includes ground meat to prepare and nuggets, products that they do not rule out bringing for sale through supermarkets. “It is a portfolio that grows exponentially and in which we have sought to develop products,” she declares.

Growth and innovation
The dynamism in the growth of the vegetable protein market has the wind in its favor. In addition to the number of people seeking healthy diets, it will also be strengthened by the increase in cases of people who are lactose intolerant, while the new generations will increase the consumption of these products since their production chains are more environmentally friendly. .