Unions Affected by Closures Present Petitions to the Bogota City Hall

The eleven economic unions with the “greatest impact and closures” have submitted several requests to the Bogota Mayor’s Office for their reactivation in light of the new restrictions to contain the coronavirus pandemic.

Economic unions with “greater impact and closures” present petitions Associations affected by closures present petitions to the Bogota City .

The unions of sectors such as gastronomy, tourism, bars and games of luck and chance are asking for the repeal of the resolution that readjusted the values ​​established as a daily average per unit of activities of the industry and commerce tax for 2021.

“Said resolution presents as the basis for liquidation presumptive income and not on the actual sales of each business, ignoring the economic reality of the sectors whose sales are based on effective demand and not on estimates,” they explain.

They also requested the postponement of the ICA, given that “the merchants’ box is illiquid and they have no way of assuming these payments on January 15 (common regime) and January 22 (simplified regime)”.

“We request to establish new deadlines, for after the second half of 2021,” they said.

Likewise, the unions required that the property tax for the 2021 period be deferred to six installments for payment in 2022, the cancellation of default interest on that same tax and ICA, as well as the extension of the ‘Employment Incentives’ program to those sectors that have had an impact on their sales of more than 40%.

This plan was created by the Mayor’s Office for the maintenance and engagement of workers, mainly women, young people between 18 and 28 years of age and people over 50 years of age.

Among the requests is also the creation of the “United Bogota Reactivation Table” to promote the opening of the city’s economy 24 hours a day and a fund for reactivation “that allows to protect companies and work teams.”

“The economic reactivation has its pillars for the services sector and the subsectors represented here in leases (96% operate their brands and businesses in leased premises) and in employment”, they reiterate.

The letter was signed by the executive director of Acolap, Angela Diaz; the national Executive President of Asobares, Camilo Ospina; the executive director of Anato, Oscar Andrés Rátiva and the national executive president of Acoltes, Lupoani Sanchez.

Also included are the executive director of Cotelco, Maria Patricia Guzman; the executive director of Acodres (Bogota-Cundinamarca chapter), Claudia Hernández or the National President of Asocolwep, Satori Sochandamandou.