Vaccines Approved in Brazil: After All Who Paid for CoronaVac

Governor of Sao Paulo and Minister of Health exchange accusations and claim ‘paternity’ of the vaccine distributed by the Butantan Institute.

On Sunday (1/17), when the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) approved two immunizers on an emergency basis and the government of Sao Paulo started the vaccination, the Minister of Health, General Eduardo Pazuello, and Doria exchanged accusations about the CoronaVac credit, developed by scientists at the Butantan Institute with the Chinese company Sinovac.

The Health Minister says the federal government is responsible for paying for the vaccine.

“Did you know that everything that was bought by Butantan was with SUS resources? All vaccines, it was not with a penny from Sao Paulo. Authorized by me. It is difficult to keep listening to this all the time. vaccine, “said Pazuello, at a news conference in Brazil.

Minutes later, Doria said  was astonished by the statements by Pazuello and spoke in Sao Paulo, during the vaccination event: “Minister Eduardo Pazuello. It is unbelievable how a Minister of State for Health  still lies in saying this. Butantan vaccine is only in Sao Paulo and Brazil because it was an investment by the government of the State of Sao Paulo. There is not a penny, so far, from the federal government, for the vaccine – neither for the study, nor for the purchase, nor for research. Nothing. No more lies, minister. ”

After all, who is right about the money used to pay CoronaVac?

Who paid for the research?
Both the purchase and research of the vaccines were paid for with money from Brazilian taxpayers. Even state budgets receive resources redistributed from the Union to complement their collections. In the case of vaccine research, part of the investment also came from international partners.

What Doria and Pazuello demand is the decision to invest money in the development and purchase of the vaccine.

In their Sunday press conference, the authorities addressed two distinct aspects of vaccine financing. First, where did the money come from to finance the research that led to CoronaVac. Second, there is the question of who will buy the vaccine – rewarding the effort to create the immunizer.

On the first issue, the vaccine was developed with resources from the Chinese company Sinovac and the Butantan Institute – whose budget is linked to the Health Department of the State of Sao Paulo.

The federal government invested its resources to assist in the testing phases of another immunizer, that of Oxford-AstraZeneca, through the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Fiocruz), linked to the Ministry of Health. Fiocruz will also be responsible for producing the Oxford vaccine in the Brazil.