Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un in Vladivostok did not Become A Sensation

As expected, the talks between Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un in Vladivostok did not become a sensation: Moscow can only act as an intermediary, transferring the position and expectations of Pyongyang to the American side. “The chairman of the DPRK asked me about this,” the president said. According to Putin, the problem of the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula can be solved by providing Kim with clear international guarantees of security and preservation of sovereignty. But whether other countries, primarily the United States, will go for it is a big question.

Kim Jong Un was late for the first meeting in a tete-a-tete format almost half an hour, and when he appeared he looked like a frightened child: he didn’t know where to put his hands and which side to look at – the interlocutor or the cameras. Kim was going, apparently in a hurry – behind him an elegant black french dress tucked into his pants.

Vladimir Putin said that he would certainly welcome the efforts that Kim Jong-un is taking to develop inter-Korean dialogue and normalize US-North Korean relations. “I am confident that your visit will help us better understand how we can resolve the situation on the Korean Peninsula and what Russia can do to support these positive trends,” he said.

The Juche leader had to speak twice – first at a bilateral meeting, then before an expanded meeting. However, both times he repeated about the same thing. Kim called Russia a friendly great neighbor. And Vladimir Putin has repeatedly thanked for the thousands of kilometers done for the sake of these negotiations. “The situation on the Korean Peninsula is of great interest to the world community. I hope that our talks will be an important event to assess the situation, exchange views and resolve the issue together,” he said. However, the leaders did not speak for long in the delegation – only about 40 minutes, after which all participants were invited to a reception in honor of Kim Jong-un.

To organize it, the FEFU gymnasium had to be converted into a banquet hall in a matter of days. The floor was covered with a special carpet, the walls were draped with blue fabric and sparkles, and a stage platform was built opposite the main table, where artists were entertained by the guests throughout the dinner. Kim was shown a “ballet classic” – a dance of little swans and a dance with sabers. And they sang the most famous Russian songs – “Black Eyes,” “Along St. Petersburg,” “Harness, Boys, Horses,” etc. The Korean part of the program was represented by a no less classical number with fans, as well as the hymn “The Great Commander”. At their request, the guests were fed with dishes of traditional Russian cuisine, but with a twist – in particular, in the dumplings there was deer meat, and crabs in the salad. At the reception, the leaders drank a glass for each other’s health and prosperity – only white wine, not champagne.

At parting, Putin presented Kim Jong Un with a travel tea set (apparently, to drink tea in an armored train) and a saber. And in response he received a sword, which, according to the guest, “personifies force.” Since the donation of cold weapons from time immemorial in Russia is considered a bad omen (allegedly, it can lead to discord), Putin, as a symbolic repurchase, put small coins into Kim’s hand.

But the chairman of the DPRK, apparently, did not know about such a tradition. When the president turned away, he opened his fist and looked at the brilliant circle with surprise. The leaders broke up, one might say, mentally: the GDP went out to carry the guest down to the limousine. And Kim Jong-un, opening the armored window of his Mercedes, long waved goodbye with a plump hand.

Commenting on the results of the talks at a press conference, Vladimir Putin said that in order to solve the problem of the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, the DPRK needs guarantees of security and preservation of sovereignty. In his opinion, this could be the international guarantees developed by the participants of the six-party format in case of its renewal. (Russia, the USA, Japan, China, the DPRK and South Korea – MK take part in the six-party format). “If we move carefully, respecting each other’s interests, then the goal can be achieved,” the president stressed.

According to Putin, he intends to inform the Chinese and American partners of the results of the negotiations. “Moreover, Chairman Kim Jong-un himself asked to tell the American side about his position and about the questions that he has about the processes on the Korean Peninsula,” said the GDP, assuring journalists that Russia is operating with an open visor and no conspiracies behind the United States does not weave. Moscow continues to advocate the complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula and the reduction of the threat of nuclear conflicts in general.

“I got the impression that the North Korean leader adheres to the same point of view. They need guarantees of their security, that’s all,” Putin added. Characterizing, at the request of journalists, a great leader, the GDP called Kim an open person who freely leads the discussion on all issues on the agenda. “I can confirm that he is quite an interesting and informative interlocutor,” the presid

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As expected, the talks between Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un in Vladivostok did not become a sensation

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