Ways to Quickly Eliminate Toothache

There are often some minor illnesses and pains in life, which cannot be cured and are not harmful, especially toothache. The pain is unbearable and makes it impossible to concentrate. , Which greatly affects daily life.

There are  few quick ways to eliminate toothache and avoid the trouble of toothache.

1. Ginger can relieve pain.+ Ginger can be said to be a low-key baby. It is not only a condiment for cooking, but also has medicinal properties. It can reduce inflammation, relieve pain and sterilize. There is a component called citric acid in ginger, which can effectively relieve pain. When a toothache occurs, cut a small piece of ginger and put it on the site of the toothache, and spit it out until the toothache is relieved. The price of ginger is cheap, and it is always available at home. This method can be said to be very convenient and low-cost. Also, you can eat a slice of ginger when you have a cold and nausea.

2. Garlic relieves pain. Yes, it is also a kind of food material. Garlic has a strong bactericidal effect. Take a clove of garlic and crush it to get the juice when you have a toothache. Dip a cotton swab and wipe it on the area of ​​the toothache. Can effectively relieve toothache.

3. Acupuncture, which is the position of the tiger’s mouth on the palm of your hand. If the left tooth is painful, pinch the right-handed tiger’s mouth, and if the right tooth is painful, pinch the left-handed tiger’s mouth. The pain can be relieved by left and right. If girls are weak, they can also apply garlic juice to the tiger’s mouth and massage, which can also calm the pain.

When the toothache is recurrent and severe, you must see a doctor. Don’t avoid seeing a doctor. In daily life, you must pay more attention to oral hygiene. Prevention is better than treatment. Brush your teeth in time after meals. I will use dental floss and mouthwash to clean the mouth. Dental floss is bought by Watsons, which is very cheap. The mouthwash is CARBONCOCO activated carbon mouthwash. It can absorb food dirt in the mouth, sterilize and remove bad breath.