What Technologies will Bring in 2021 in Corona Time

With the advent of the pandemic, the life of mankind has changed a lot: people have switched to a remote work format, the video game industry has experienced a boom, and telemedicine is actively developing. Experts believe that these are not all the consequences of the coronavirus affecting the IT sector, and in 2021 there will be even more of them. How COVID-19 will affect the development of technology – in the material.

Many companies are rethinking the functionality of the workspace and adapting it to various remote work options. Against this background, the traditional office becomes a place where employees periodically come to solve general issues, while the home office becomes a daily workplace in this new hybrid work model.

In such an environment, employers will need to provide employees with the necessary technology tools and services to deploy and maintain IT resources to ensure maximum productivity from both home and office.

To make work in the new environment more efficient, companies will improve their IT infrastructure and meet the basic needs of employees, including those related to their work PCs, to ensure high productivity regardless of the location of the staff.

Digital ecosystems
Back in 2020, companies began to actively buy and sell digital services, forming ecosystems. Together with each service, personal data of users are sold and bought, who are not always aware of the existing relationships.

Communication technologies are gaining unprecedented importance as they ensure the continuity of business processes on a global scale, help in organizing learning and maintaining an active social life.

5G technologies will continue to revolutionize the personal computing landscape.

More and more computers, tablets and smartphones will be always available and ready to be connected to the network anywhere, ensuring complete independence from wireless networks.

Devices supporting Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi 6E standards will be the most widespread, which provide high-speed data transfer in a home wireless network, even if many devices are simultaneously connected to it.

2020 forced many students to transfer to the distance format, which was not actively used before. Families and schools now need more educational technology (EdTech) to thrive in the new normal.

In 2021, the EdTech industry will redouble its efforts to re-focus on improving personalized and project-based learning.